Glen Grant’90

25 yr

Glen Grant distillery is perhaps more famous for its young whisky than whiskies of this age. For a while, it was one of the biggest selling single malts in the world being sold around the age of 5 years. This cask has clearly slipped the net and been allowed to mature for 25 years. The slow maturation has resulted in a spicy-rich whisky full of oak and warmth.

Cask type: refill American barrel


42 yr

Invergordon Distillery is a large grain distillery complex situated in the North of Scotland. The grain whisky is entirely meant to satisfy the needs of large blends but occasionally the odd cask gets overlooked. In this case, the cask was overlooked for four decades resulting in this dark, sweet and rich whisky demonstrating what over forty years can do to a whisky.

Cask type: refill American barrel


28 yr

Caledonian Distillery was once the largest distillery in Scotland, one of the biggest in the world. Its grain whiskies were used to base some of the greatest names in the whisky world but sadly this all changed when the distillery was closed in late 1987. This cask, full of dessert flavours, is a glimpse into the history of Scotch Whisky.

Cask type: refill Hogshead


15 yr

Ardmore Distillery is situated on the outskirts of the Speyside area and is noted for being one of the few peated Highland whiskies made in Scotland. The vast majority of its output is for blenders to add Highland style flavours to their lends. Occasionally though, a stunning cask like this finds its way into the world. Expect delicate smoke and true Highland flavours.

Cask type: refill American barrel


8 yr

This cask of Islay Malt Whisky was distilled on the South shore, otherwise known as the Kildalton side of Islay. The Isle of Islay is home to many great and fantastic whiskies and this one is as luxurious as any of the others. At cask strength, this whisky will tame most malt whisky fanatics, but a drop or two of water will show some real inner-beauty.

Cask type: refill American barrel

Exclusive Blend’91

21 yr

A rich, fruity and oak-sweetened blended Scotch whisky made with an unusually high proportion of malt whisky and aged in ex-Sherry oak casks.


12 yr

This whiskey is taken from a single refill ex-Sherry hogshead of Irish Single Malt. Distilled near Dundalk, near the border of Northern Ireland, the whiskey is rich with buttery-toffee and caramel and quite a token influence of the previous contents of the cask. It is a sipping whiskey, delighting at every turn.

Cask type: refill ex-Sherry hogshead

Stirk’s Gin

David Stirk, the man behind our beloved The Exclusive Malts line, is ready to show the world what his Gin is all about: made using the finest botanicals, including juniper and coriander, natural color and full flavor, expect hints of toffee and caramel, touches of vanilla and a sweet oak finish from this grown-up Gin.  It has been created, barrel-finished and bottled with care and attention ensuring that as much flavour is left in as possible. It has not been filtered and may go slightly hazy, but worry not: this a good sign!