• Kilchoman Distillery was founded in 2005 and is the first distillery to be built on Islay for over 120 years. It is a farm distillery and a proportion of the barley used in production is grown and malted at the distillery. Kilchoman displays all that is great about the grass-roots traditions of Scotch whisky distilling. As well as being one of only a handful of distilleries still practicing floor malting, barley is also grown on the farm, making Kilchoman the only distillery to complete all parts of the whisky making process on site. Kilchoman truly is Islay’s farm distillery – from barley to bottling.
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Kilchoman Machir Bay

Nose: Soft cooked fruits with strong peaty aromas.
Palate: Soft mixed fruits and vanilla with an intense sweetness.
Finish: A Classic islay malt now showing the benefit of additional ageing. A long lingering finish.

IWSC 2012 Gold Award – Best in Class

International Whisky Competition 2011 Whisky of the Year Silver

International Whisky Competition 2013 Best Scotch Whisky Silver

International Whisky Competition 2013 Whisky of the Year Gold

International Wine and Spirit Competition 2011 Gold

Best Islay Whisky under 12 yr old – Scotch Whisky Masters 2015

IWSC 2015 – Gold Medal

Whiskies of the World 2015 – Best in Class

Whiskies of the World 2015 – Gold Medal

The Fifty Best 2016 – Gold Medal

IWC 2015 – 2nd Place Best Single Malt Whisky  / 1st Place Best Peated Whisky / 2nd Place Best Single Malt Scotch NAS / 1st Place Best Single Malt (Islay)

IWC 2016 – 1st Place – Best Peated Scotch Whisky

IWC 2016 – 1st Place – Best Islay Single Malt Scotch Whisky

IWC 2016 – 2nd Place – Best Single Malt Scotch Whisky (94.5 points)

Ultimate Spirits Challenge – 95 points

Whisky Exchange Best Whisky of the Year 2017

Kilchoman Sanaig

Nose: Soft cooked fruits with caramel and vanilla. Palate: Toffee, peat smoke and citrus with lingering sweetness. Finish: A lovely balance of peat smoke, fruit and sweetness.

92 points “Best of Category Award” at the Los Angeles Spirits Competition

Double Gold at the San Diego Wine and Spirits Challenge

Best Peated Scotch Whisky International Whisky Competition 2016

Trophy at International Wine and Spirits Competition 2016 in Single Malt Scotch Whisky Category (NAS)

Gold  in the category of MALT HEAVY SMOKED

Kilchoman 100% Islay

Nose: Light, fresh and vibrant with soft peat smoke.

Palate: Fresh and light with citrus and lemon notes with sweetness on the finish.

Finish: Long, clean and sweet with graceful peat smoke.

Scotch Whisky masters 2015 – Gold

IWSC 2015 – Silver Medal

The Fifty Best 2016 – Gold Medal

2017 LA Spirits Competition – Gold Medal- 90 points, Best of Category

Kilchoman 2008 Vintage

Nose: Lemon, citrus and butterscotch notes are prominent with soft peaty aromas in the background.

Palate: Soft sweetness first and peat smoke and ripe fruit notes following.

Finish: Long, clean and sweet with peat smoke and soft fruits at the end.

Kilchoman Sauternes Cask

Nose: Buttery and creamy with peat smoke lingering in the background.
Palate: Sweet and rounded with bitter chocolate, liquorice and integrated peat smoke.
Finish: Clean and sweet with a rich texture and long finish.

Kilchoman Original CS

Nose: Powerful, citrus and floral notes with soft peat smoke.
Palate: Mouth coating, sweet, well rounded with soft peat interwoven with cooked fruits and vanilla.
Finish: Long and clean with maritime salt and lingering soft peat smoke.

Kilchoman Loch Gorm

Nose: Spicy and sweet with peat smoke and dark chocolate well integrated.

Palate: Soft fruits, well rounded and full of character.

Finish: Lingering, sweet and well balanced.

91 points by WhiskyCast

Scotch Whisky Masters 2015 – Gold

IWSC 2015 – Silver Outstanding Medal

Kilchoman ImpEx Cask Evolution 03/2016 PX Finish

The ImpEx Cask Evolution Series aims to demonstrate the importance of quality casks in the development of a fantastic Scotch whisky. These single casks are selected by Anthony Wills, Kilchoman Founder & MD and are exclusively available in the US. Each cask is specifically chosen to exhibit the diversity of character achieved by using different types of cask to mature Kilchoman single malt. “Single Cask Single Malt is the purest representation of any Scotch whisky, it is an unfiltered and undiluted representation of distillate and cask type.” Anthony Wills, Founder & MD. Currently Available: 01/2017 100% Islay Sherry Finish Cask Number: 721/2011 Strength: 58% ABV Distilled: 17.11.2011 Bottled: 20.3.2017

Gold  in the category of MALT HEAVY SMOKED

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