Speaking broadly, back in 2011 Joshua and Jason started the independent bottling company, Single Cask Nation. Unable to leave well enough alone, the duo also launched a tour company called WhiskyGeek Tours. One year later, the duo launched a whisky festival called Whisky Jewbilee across three cities: New York, Chicago, and Seattle. In 2017 they launched One Nation Under Whisky podcast: THE industry insider’s podcast.

Single Cask Nation bottles around 60 casks of whisky per year for the US, UK, EU, Japan, Israeli, and South African markets. In the US SCN boasts a “Retail Range”  and then, separately, an “Online Exclusive” Range which is wholly separate from the retail range.

Single Cask Nation bottles primarily Single Malt Scotch Whisky but dabbles quite a lot in Irish whisky, American whisky (bourbon, rye, and single malt), Indian whisky, English whisky, Welsh whisky, rums, and mezcals. Single Casks are available as exclusives to retail partners and some clubs.

Single Cask Nation hosted the world’s first ever circumnavigation swim around Islay and worked with all 8 Islay distilleries to create “The Great Islay Swim” bottling which has whiskies from all Islay distilleries, aged 10 to 23 years of age, married together in a single quarter cask. This bottling sold for $500 each and all proceeds went to RNLI Islay. A documentary was made for this historic swim and can be VIEWED HERE.

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WOLF (Water of Life Film) Undisclosed Island – 48.8%

A vatting of 6 1st fill Bourbon Casks (5 unpeated and 1 lightly peated)

Color: Bright Gold

Nose: Very fresh and citrusy upon first blush. Hints of pink peppercorns come around but the apple orchards are unmistakable. Add to this oodles of warming salted caramel, plain ice cream cones, and a bit of vanilla around the edges. The citrus notes remain present and welcoming.

Palate: Bright and peppery upon first sip but the rich, oily texture helps the experience. Richly flavored with both apples AND oranges (mandarin) and even some Jaffa Cakes (the milk chocolate note is fantastic here). Some more fruit: ripe banana, starfruit, and golden delicious apples. 

Finish: Long and citrusy with the pink peppercorns returning.

Dailuaine 2012 – Cask # 312978 – 55.6%


1st fill bourbon, 320 bottles

 On the label: You love Dailuaine as much as us, right? Right!? Malty, nutty, rich, spicy, oaky…it’s like one of our Flavometers™ came to life. If they ever make a peated Dailuaine we might die and go to whisky heaven!

Color: Olive oil 

Nose: Freshly split sticks, oatmeal raisin cookies, toasted hazelnuts, and brown Licorice All-Sorts all leap out of the glass at first sniff but as it settles there’s a lovely rich maltiness complemented by a delicate pepperiness

Palate: Deliciously oily and rich with warmed walnuts, melted dark chocolate, dark roast espresso beans, the same delicate pepperiness found on the nose, and hints of pipe tobacco and warm leather

 Finish: Long and lingering with dark chocolate, ground pepper, and a pleasing nuttiness

Girvan 2006 – Cask # 525 – 56.1%


Refill Bourbon, finished 4 years in 1st fill bourbon, 150 bottles

On the label: A very fun example from the Girvan grain distillery that delivers a zingy and effervescent experience that teases the tongue with tart citrus, spicy ginger, and a sugary sweetness

Color: Reflective gold

Nose: Opens with a warm cotton candy sweetness that’s accompanied by caramel corn and boiled peanuts. Dig deeper, though, and there’s nectarine skin, kaffir leaves, and lemon zest

Palate: Delightfully zingy and effervescent (think Pop Rocks) with powdered sugar, ground ginger, lemongrass, and hints of orange creamsicle as it transitions to the finish

 Finish: The citrus notes linger while the sweet elements slowly fade away but note the way the spiciness of the ground ginger continues to tease the tongue  

Linkwood 2009 – Cask # 33904 – 54.4%

Refill Bourbon, finished 1 year in Ruby Port, 337 bottles

On the label: Such fun! The Linkwood spirit takes to the port finishing like the proverbial duck to water. Bright, warm malt cereal from the spirit marries perfectly with red fruits and even a little tartness from the port cask. Don’t miss the dark chocolate! Share with friends and turn heads.

Color: Summer sunset

Nose: First impression is of boozy cherries or kirsch but the second impression delivers a malty sweetness accompanied by warm hay, leather saddles, raisin bread, and sweet molasses 

Palate: Leads with the fruit again (tart raspberries, macerated strawberries, even gooseberry jam) before the cereal retakes the limelight in the form of oak cakes, wholewheat crackers, and grape nuts, note the dark chocolate notes as it transitions into the finish

 Finish: Decent length with lingering dark chocolate, red berries, and a hint of saltiness

Benrinnes 2011 – Cask # 309608 – 55.6%

2nd fill bourbon, 198 bottles

 On the label: Benrinnes’ house style is incredibly approachable and resonates with such a sunny disposition. An everyday drinker that the late, great Michael Jackson (the whisky writer!) described as, “restorative,” and couldn’t we all use a little bit of that!

Color: White tea

Nose: Classic Benrinnes! Bright, grassy, and floral with a delicate cereal sweetness. Poke around and there’s candy necklaces, powdered sugar, and vanilla sponge cake

Palate: Oily with pear drop hard candies, maraschino cherries, vanilla ice-cream and warm milk chocolate sauce (we realize we’ve just described a chocolate sundae!)

 Finish: There’s a sweetness, to be sure, but there’s also a delicate tingly spiciness like fresh ginger, or lemongrass, or even freshly ground coriander seed

Inchfad 2005 – Cask #417 – 56.6%


15 years Refill bourbon, finished 8 months in Grand Cru Bordeaux

On the label: [We might be (a little) biased but this is what independently bottled single casks are all about!] While wood smoke, granola, green olives in brine, toasted coconut, and ripe red berries might seem like awkward bedfellows they absolutely work here. What a wee cracker!

Color: Olive oil

Nose: A fragrant wood smoke frames ripe red berries at first sniff but the experience continues with notes of milk chocolate, granola, caramelized sugar (think about cracking the top of a creme brulee with your spoon — so satisfying!)

Palate: The wood smoke remains to the fore but is now joined by notes of dark chocolate, green olives in brine, and toasted coconut (a note we usually associate with a very well regarded Campbeltown distillery)

 Finish: Short to medium length with lingering wood smoke, as you might imagine, but with lingering red berries, milk chocolate, and sweet grain

Epris Brazilian Rum 2011 – Cask # 113 – 52.6%

1st fill Bourbon, 260 bottles 

On the label: A rum for sipping next to a roaring fire. The fruit notes are warm and inviting while salted licorice and pipe tobacco frame the full experience. Maybe get those chestnuts roasting…

Color: Bright copper

Nose: Warm pineapple upside-down cake with a dollop of vanilla ice cream, dusty church pews, pine sap, and hints of salted black licorice and pipe tobacco in the background

Palate: Oily and mouth coating, the salted black licorice really comes to the fore with accompanying hints of cherry pipe tobacco, as the layers build there’s pineapple core and tamarind paste

 Finish: The fruit dissipates quickly but both the salted licorice and pipe tobacco remain for a good while, flavors from a recently downed espresso linger at the back of the throat

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