Speaking broadly, back in 2011 Joshua and Jason started the independent bottling company, Single Cask Nation. Unable to leave well enough alone, the duo also launched a tour company called WhiskyGeek Tours. One year later, the duo launched a whisky festival called Whisky Jewbilee across three cities: New York, Chicago, and Seattle. In 2017 they launched One Nation Under Whisky podcast: THE industry insider’s podcast. Though Whisky Jewbilee is currently mothballed the One Nation Under Whisky podcast has entered its 8th season in February 2024.

Single Cask Nation bottles around 85 casks of whisky per year for the US, UK, EU, Japan, and Israeli markets. In the US SCN boasts a “Retail Range”  and then, separately, an “Online Exclusive” Range which is wholly separate from the retail range.

Single Cask Nation bottles primarily Single Malt Scotch Whisky but dabbles quite a lot in Irish whisky, American whisky (Bourbon, Rye, and Single Malt), Indian whisky, English whisky, Welsh whisky, rums, and mezcals. Single Casks are available as exclusives to retail partners and some clubs.

In 2024 Single Cask Nation joined the Artisanal Spirits Company family of brands which also include Scotch Malt Whisky Society and J.G. Thomson. In addition to this, Single Cask Nation was awarded the prestigious “Icons of Whisky Independent Bottler of the Year” award for 2024. 

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Our exciting new look and perspective was launched in 2022 in the UK, EU, and Japan. It has now made its way here to the US.

The Nation will enjoy a fresh and enticing new bottle, closure, and label design that showcase the beauty that can be found in each drop of liquid. We’ve left the cartons behind with the environment in mind and replaced our corks with the easy open and close features of the new cap.

Our logo sits prominently featured above the wrap-around label creating a nice focal point on any bar.  A refreshed color scheme on our labels has been introduced to help differentiate Scottish regions as well as spirit styles. Of course, Single Cask Nation’s famous “Flavometer™” remains so you’ll know exactly what to expect to find once you decide to crack this beautiful new bottle open.

2015 8 yo Caol Ila


Smoky and sweet with the coastal sea breeze quality we look for in younger, refill Bourbon matured Caol Ila.

Cask # 318785
Cooperage: Refill Bourbon Hogshead
Distilled: September 2015
Bottled: October 2023
250 bottles at 52.5% abv.

Color: White Gold

Nose: Opens on a coastal sea breeze but there’s also dark chocolate with sea salt, lit kindling, and coffee brewed over a beach fire.

Palate: Interesting! Mezcal like, with Jalapeno skin and a pleasing pepperiness. Continuing saltiness with the appearance of seaweed. Hints of crystalized ginger around the edges of the tongue.

Finish: Great length with lingering smoke and salt.

2010 13 yo Dailuaine

A sherried Dailuaine with a bit of age on it is a special thing. A rich, oaky experience awaits. Enjoy with a cigar if that’s your thing. Enjoy without if it isn’t.

CASK # 310988
Cooperage: 1st Fill Sherry Hogshead
Distilled: August 2010
Bottled: September 2023
270 bottles at 53.4% abv.

Color: Sanguine Copper

Nose: Dark and brooding with penuche fudge, pickled walnuts, and fruit cake before cigar wrappers and crystallized ginger begin to poke in around the edges; with dark chocolate and hot, freshly brewed espresso rounding out the nose.

Palate: Rich chocolate truffles and warm oak with roasted coffee beans. Rainier cherries, chocolate covered orange peels, and a hint of marzipan.

Finish: Delightful length with lingering dark chocolate, roasted coffee beans, and cigar wrappers.

2024 San Francisco World Spirits Competition – Gold, 92 points

2010 13 yo Linkwood                  

A rich and earthy Linkwood that delivers exquisite fruity notes. Decadent yet fresh, showcasing the best side of a distillery worth exploring.

CASK # 309265
Cooperage: 1st Fill American Oak Hogshead
Distilled: July 2010
Bottled: October 2023
255 bottles at 54.8% abv.

Color: Burnt Orange

Nose: Opens with red fruits, singed orange peel, and cocoa powder. Dried oak and warm earth quietly hum in the background. Toasted hazelnuts and butterscotch toffee can be found around the edges of the glass.

Palate: Bright and fruity to begin with. Cherries and raspberries that give way to a pleasingly drying oakiness and dark chocolate weightiness.

Finish: Long and drying with lingering dark chocolate, café au lait, and hints of the red fruits from the nose and palate.

2010 10 yo Diamond Guayana Rum

The “MPM” on the label stands for Main Port Mourant and means this delightful rum from Diamond was distilled using their double wooden pot still. Pour a healthy measure while researching that on Google!

CASK # 29
Cooperage: 2nd Fill Bourbon Hogshead
Distilled: November 2012
Bottled: October 2023
271 bottles at 52.1% abv.

Color: Rich Amber

Nose: Warm and sweet with brown sugar, toasted oak, and hazelnut toffee to begin but then a building citrus brightness (lemon peel) and even a delicate floral component.

Palate: Wonderful heft with dried fruit (dehydrated pineapple, dehydrated kiwi, and golden raisins), more toasted oak, and anise notes (black licorice and fennel seeds) .

Finish: Moderate length with lingering brown sugar sweetness and dehydrated pineapple.

WOLF (Water of Life Film) Undisclosed Island TAKE 2

WOLF Island “Take 2” is the follow up to 2021 ‘s original bottling and extends Single Cask Nation’s collaboration with Water of Life Film. This Single Malt Scotch whisky release is a marriage of six 1st fill ex-Bourbon casks;  five of which were unpeated with the sixth being lightly peated, bottled at the quaffable ABV of 48.8%. While we must be Squirrelly regarding the source of the liquid we can guarantee its deliciousness.

Color: Bright Gold

Nose: Bright and citrusy with pronounced grain sweetness to begin but sit with it and there’s canned fruit cocktail, white stone fruits, and a few wisps of earthy smoke

Palate: An unctuous entry with a mouth coating oiliness delivers notes of melted vanilla ice cream over canned peaches, baked apples smothered in warm custard, cinnamon dusted oatmeal, and just a hint of cracked black pepper

Finish: Good length with milk chocolate, soft hazelnut toffee, and a little coffee bean earthiness.

2024 San Francisco World Spirits Competition – Gold, 90 points

2023 Las Vegas Global Spirit Awards – Platinum, 95 pts.

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