The Spirit of Five Senses

Indri, named after the place where the distillery is located, is a small village situated in the catchment area of River Yamuna, nestled in the foothills of the mighty Himalayas. Indri or Indriya in Sanskrit also refers to the 5 senses: Smell-Taste-Touch-Sight-Sound.

Part of the Piccadily distillery group which has three distilleries in the Northern part of India: Indri, Patiala and Bawal.

The malt distillery at Indri was set up in 2012. The distillery is also home for 6 traditional copper pot stills (designed and made in India) and 40,000 barrels.

The extreme temperature of the Northern plains helps the malt spirit mature faster inside the barrels, naturally. This also means the angels happily take away their share and leave behind sweet tropical flavors and rich natural color.

The distillery is proud to generate power for its consumption without using any fossil fuels.

Indri Trini

Bottled at 46% ABV, Trini – The Three Wood, is curated by the master craftsmen at Piccadily. This remarkable Single Malt is made from indigenous six-row barley grown for hundreds of years in Rajasthan, matured in selected barrels, and blended carefully to bring out the individual contribution of each wood (first fill Bourbon, ex-French wine and PX Sherry Casks) without overshadowing the original whisky profile.   It is non chill filtered with no color added.

Smell – Gentle and mellow. Black tea; caramelized pineapple; oak; vanilla; honey; raisin; sweet cherry.

Taste – Smooth and warm. Gently spiced; woody; nutty; a slowly deepening, full-mouthed feel.​

Touch – On the tongue. Velvety; complex; long-lasting warm

Sight – Earthy and subtle, no added color. Amber; golden; sunset. ​

Sound – A splash; a clink; a pour. Enjoy Indri neat, on the rocks, or with a splash of water.​

2024 Whiskey Explorer Awards – Indri Trini – Best World Whisky in Canada

2023 Tokyo Whisky & Spirits Competition – Gold

2022 Top 20 Whiskies of the Year – Whisky Advocate, 94 pts.

2022  Whiskey and Barrel Nite Consumer Choice Awards – Consumers Choice, International Single Malt

2022 International Spirits Challenge – Gold

2022 World Whiskies Awards – Category Winer, Best Indian Single

2022 Dom Roskrow’s New Wizards – Asian Whisky of the Year, Gold

2022 International Whiskey Competition – Gold

2022 Ultimate Spirits Challenge – Excellent, 91 pts.

2022 The Spiriys Business Global Whisky Masters – Gold

2022 Las Vegas Global Spirit Awards – Platinum, 95 pts.

Indri DRU

Indri DRU, bottled at 57.2% ABV, is a cask strength expression from Indri, where selected ex-Bourbon Barrels are handpicked and married together by our master blender to offer you an experience that will awaken your senses.

In Sanskrit, ‘Dru’ means wood, tree, or a vessel made of wood. In ancient Indian mythology, Dru was a vessel in which ‘soma’ (a drink) was collected and offered to the Gods.

Indri Single Malt Indian whisky is distilled and matured in the subtropical climate of Northern India. Angels here are indeed greedy as we lose 10 to 12% every year due to evaporation. Yet, this accelerated evaporation helps mature the whisky much faster and gives it a totally different dimension.

Non Chill-Filtered & No Color Added

Nose: Whiff of mixed fruit basket, vanilla, subtle citrus hints, gentle spice, chocolate, and honey tones expressing a robust nose profile.

Palate: Sweet. fruit forward taste with soft spice followed immediately with sweet vanilla and a hint of chocolate; with wood lactones, and citrus appearing from the back of the palate.

Finish: Full bodied and complex with a fairly long mixed fruit finish making it a salivating dram.

2024 World Whiskies Awards – Category Winner Gold

2023 Las Vegas Global Spirit Awards – Gold, 94 pts.

2023 Ultimate Spirits Challenge – 93 pts

2023 Spirits Business World Whisky Masters – Gold

Indri 2017 5 yo        ex-Bourbon        Single Cask #2917

Bottled at 58.5% abv, we are pleased to welcome the first US Exclusive Single Cask of Indri Single Malt.

This ex-Bourbon cask yielded 120 bottle of this beautiful expression.

Indri Single Malt cask no. 2917, represents a US exclusive release crafted for ImpEx Beverages. This exceptional spirit has undergone a 5+ year maturation process in the challenging climate of Haryana, India where summer temperatures soar up to 122° F and winter ones fall to 32° F. In this extreme environment, the whisky undergoes a robust interaction with the Oak, resulting in a vibrant symphony of diverse flavors while aging at an accelerated pace.

Indigenously grown 6-Row Barley grown and harvested from Rajasthan, India, was malted and double-distilled in traditional Indian made copper pot stills then carefully laid to rest in ex-Bourbon barrels sourced from the Jack Daniels Distillery in October 2017. It was then lovingly decanted in July 2023, bringing forth a one-of-a-kind expression that leads you on a journey of a myriad of flavors and aromas.

The angels were sure to take their share of this cask – appx. 10% of the liquid. This Single Malt truly reflects a Sub-tropically aged whisky.

Non chillfiltered, No color added


Massive vanilla sweetness on the nose with honey, fruity notes, and spices.

The vanilla continues on the palate with elegant Oak and spices. This evolves to marmalade and caramel with notes of drying orange peel when a few drops of water are added.

The medium-bodied finish leaves you with white pepper and lingering spices.

Indri Diwali Collectors Edition 2023

Indri Diwali Collector’s Edition 2023 is a limited-edition release, bottled at 60.5% abv.

This unique expression is crafted from Peated Indian Six-row barley, distilled in traditional copper pot stills made in India, carefully matured in PX Sherry Casks for a long time amidst the sub-tropical climate of Northern India. It entices you with a waft of smoke and awakens your senses to a myriad of flavors such as candied dried fruits, toasted nuts, subtle spices, Oak, bittersweet chocolate, and an array of undiscovered delights.

432 bottles – US Exclusive Single Cask

Nose: Delightful peat smoke intertwines with slightly sweet barley aromas accompanied by earthy notes and savory hints. A subtle touch of nuttiness, accompanied by raisins, dates, and oaky elements complement the orange zest, creating balanced and pleasant smoky hints complemented the sweetness of the Sherry.

Palate: The palate presents fruity sweetness and floral tones with luxurious viscosity and underlying earthy hints. A sweet velvety note is also present, gently dissipating, leaving behind a moderate trail of aromatic smoke that envelops the palate and enhances the drinking experience.

Finish: Continuing its rich development on the palate, the finish features fruity sweetness, floral tones, and the presence of smoky elements contributing to a sweet and lingering taste.

2023 Whiskies of the World Awards – Best in Show, Double Gold 

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