Port Askaig is a range of Islay single malt whiskies that embodies the unique spirit of Islay and its people. Its character brings together the robust smokiness and soft fruitiness found in this beguiling island.

The range has been developed to appeal to the most discerning of whisky connoisseurs while also appealing to the novice whisky drinker. We have selected exceptional casks of Islay single malt and created a range that we believe will become recognised as an Islay classic.

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Port Askaig 110 Proof

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Limited Batch
Each expression within the range is bottled in limited batches. While recognising that each bottling will vary, the aim is to achieve a consistency of quality and character over time. To ensure each whisky maintains its original flavour and character, the whiskies are not chill-filtered and no colouring is added.

Tradition Evolved
In a world of change, we believe there is still a place for tradition. However, one that embraces evolution and new ideas required to make it ever better. We believe that the expert cask selection and traditional yet contemporary look of the packaging will ensure Port Askaig stands shoulder to shoulder with Islay’s more established brands for many years to come.

Nose: Old-fashioned liquorice, saltwater taffy, fresh oyster shells and citrus spray.

Palate: Sharp and stony initially, with an intense minerality that quickly becomes sweet and spiced – rich lemon oil with peat smoke, dark chocolate and crunchy barley sugar. The spice grows, adding stewed apple with cinnamon, along with heavy charcoal smoke.

Finish: Cinnamon spice slowly fades to a flavour of dried apples and pears.

2023 Whiskies of the World Awards – Gold – Malt Smoked
2022 Whiskies of the World Awards – Gold
SFWSC Best of Class 2020:
Independent Merchants Single Malt Scotch – Double Gold Medal

Gold Medal San Francisco World Spirits Competition 2018

Port Askaig 8yr


The core expression from Port Askaig made in a beautifully sweet, smoky style. Its elegant, approachable character makes it the perfect introduction to Islay single malts. Sourced from just north of the village of Port Askaig, the whisky is aged in refill American oak casks. This allows the character of the spirit to shine through, making for a gentle, smoky, moreish dram.

Nose: Fresh, clean and vibrant with notes of lemon oil and sea spray. The smoke is gentle but alluring, reminiscent of wood embers and coal, cooling on a beach fire.

Palate: Rich citrus fruit and salt-baked mackerel. Classic Islay peat reek is mixed with a subtle honeysuckle sweetness while a background herbal character adds balance.

Finish: Barley sugar lingers as the soot and smoke dissipate, leaving the palate clean and ready for another sip.

2024 San Francisco World Spirits Competition – Double Gold, 98 points

2022 Las Vegas Global Spirit Awards – Gold, 93 Points

2020 SFWSC – Gold Medal

2020 WoW – Best in Show, Gold Outstanding and Best in Class, Gold

95 points by Ultimate Spirits Challange 2018

Port Askaig 9 yr


This Islay Single Malt was distilled in 2013 and aged for over nine years in two refill rum barrels. This Port Askaig has been beautifully influenced by its maturation in ex-Rum barrels, becoming layered with delicious fruits and contrasting spice.

518 Bottle US Exclusive

57.1% abv.

NOSE: Clover-infused honey appears at first, mingling with the coastal scent of driftwood washed ashore. Fresh honeydew melon is cut on the kitchen counter, infusing with the aroma of charcoal smoke.

PALATE: Saline, yet sweet – like saltwater taffy. This combines with burnt sugar and rockmelon, seasoned with salt and pepper. Some spice appears next – a hint of ground ginger – and this is complemented by a squeeze of nectarine juice.

FINISH: Sweet barbecue sauce lingers with plenty of tropical summer fruits following closely behind.

Port Askaig 15 yr


This Islay Single Malt was distilled in 2006 and aged for over 15 years in a single ex-Bourbon hogshead. This is a dram brimming with bright fruitiness, coastal notes and elegant peat smoke. A ticket right to the Queen of the Hebrides.

US Exclusive – 264 Bottles
55.2% alc

NOSE Enjoying a fresh tropical fruit salad, served on a Summer’s day. Smoked fish is served with a wedge of lemon, right off of a charcoal barbecue.

PALATE Lemon oil coats your palate, with sweet passionfruit juice and elegant peat smoke continuing to develop with every sip.

F I N I S H Beautifully long and not too sweet. Bright peppery notes from the peat evolve into peppermint, leaving you with a honeyed mint tea finish.

Port Askaig 17 yr

Gentle, Floral, and Untainted – Annual Release of an Aged Limited Edition
In 2023 Port Askaig releases a 17-year-old matured in traditional American Oak casks, chosen for their quality and age, blended and bottled at 50.5% to capture the best taste experience. 528 Bottles are available for the US. Aged Islay whiskies are sought after for their taste, maturity, and limited nature.

Intriguing, floral but definitely Islay. Still true to the essence of Islay, through careful selection and blending of casks containing aged Islay whiskies our Port Askaig 17-year-old offers more unique flavor notes than most traditional Islay Whiskies. Each year the age, ABV, cask recipe, and tasting notes will change.

Nose: A charcuterie board in the midday sun with ripe melon, rich serrano ham, and plum green grapes. Layers of bonfire smoke and salted caramel build in waves offset by lemon and orange oil.

Palate: Dense smoke with a wonderful minerality carries a balance of raspberry leaf and milk chocolate across the palate. Red fruits notes mingle with citrus, developing into a lemon curd and blackcurrant jam while the typical medicinal smoke ebbs and flows.

Finish: More herbaceous notes come through with a return to the smoked melon that lingers for ages.

2024 San Francisco World Spirits Competition – Gold, 90 points

Port Askaig 18 yr


Nose: Flinty and saline, immediately delivering clean peat. Then comes the fruit: peach, under-ripe pears and bright citrus, mellowed only slightly by some woody, fragrant hints of sawdust and juniper branches.

Palate: Creamy texture packed with island peat and minerals, smoked ham, flaked almonds, oysters and a salsa verde made with tomatillos and lime juice. The tangy citric flavours develop further into grilled lemon slices laid on wet stones, evoking images of the seaside on a rainy day.

Finish: Lingering damp smoke, as well as greener flavours of cilantro and parsley.

Port Askaig 25 yr


Nose: Initially a phenolic smoke character, complemented by tropical fruits like pineapple, lychee and under-ripe banana. With water, there’s a mellow blend of garden florals, peach, cherry and burnt matchsticks.
Palate: More meaty on the palate; a charcuterie board of pastrami, saucisson, salty rye crackers and chargrilled vegetables with olive oil. There’s also soft leather, oatmeal with walnuts and grated nutmeg, dried orange peel, and a sprinkling of white pepper.
Finish: Vegetal notes continue, accompanied by herbs including thyme and bay leaf.
The warmth lingers, like dry woodsmoke from a log fire.

2022 Ultimate Spirits Challenge – 95 pts, Finalist

2022 San Francisco World Spirits Competition – Double Gold Medal

2022 World Whiskies Awards: Category Winner, Round 1, Scotland, Single Batch Single Malt 21 Years & Over, Scotch Islay

Port Askaig 45 yr

Nose: Fruity, combining both tropical and fruit: apples, pears, papaya and mango.

Palate: Bittersweet oranges, mangos and warming spice with contrasting mint and green-tea notes.

Finish: Fruit fades to leafy herbs which become warming and minty.

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