An independent bottler searches for casks from the different distilleries around Scotland, looking for the best malts to share with whisky enthusiasts the world over. Each cask is sampled and only if it is found to be of the best quality will it be bottled in the Single Malts of Scotland range as a Single Cask or as part of a small batch.

Many of the bottlings in Single Malts of Scotland have received awards and critical acclaim and with years of experience in selecting casks, you can be sure that the whiskies that are bottled are of the highest quality. With aged casks such as these becoming increasingly difficult to find, each Whisky can be considered unlikely ever to be repeated. Each bottling is one of a limited number, making them perfect for a special gift or the chance to try something truly unique.

About Director’s Special

Only exceptional whiskies are selected by our Director to be bottled for this exclusive series from The Single Malts of Scotland. Each bottling is aged to perfection, celebrating both the classic characteristics of the distillery and the subtle changes created by time and oak.

About Reserve Casks

The Single Malts of Scotland Reserve Casks are a flavor-led exploration of fine Single Malts, bottled in small batches of three to ten casks. Each parcel of bottles shows the variety of styles and flavors found across Scotland, and the differences in angel’s share depending on region. Bottled at a consistent 48% with no added color and no chill-filtration, the Reserve Casks are intended to suit the palates of both novices and experts alike.

2022 Whiskey Ring Awards – Best Independent Bottler

Reserve Casks      12 yo Caol Ila

A small batch of six hogsheads from Caol Ila distillery has been used to create this Islay Single Malt, distilled in 2010 and aged for twelve years.

Hiding at the bottom of the cliffs by Port Askaig on Islay’s eastern shore, Caol Ila has a reputation for producing smoky, maritime whiskies of elegance and poise.

48% abv

Nose: Rich BBQ smoked cherries poached in wine. Tropical fruit juice cuts through peppery notes of Cinnamon and sticky caramel – combining to create depth of flavour through layers of smoke.

Palate: BBQ smoke turns more to bonfire with driftwood and hints of sea air. Charred mackerel served with a squeeze of lemon and a touch of spice is contrasted against Bramble tea. A luscious spoonful of marmalade hides in the background.

Finish: Lovely and long. Fruit fades to leave a more floral note – rose petal with a hint of crystallised ginger.

Reserve Casks      10 yo Linkwood

A small batch of four new wood hogsheads from Linkwood distillery has been used to create this Speyside Single Malt, distilled in 2012 and aged for ten years.

Linkwood’s elegant character, typified by flavours of green fruits and a peppery finish, is always a pleasure to experience.

48% abv

Nose: Pear and apple pie with flaky butter crust served with vanilla ice cream and a drizzle of caramel.

Palate: Rich toffee fudge is balanced with some bright, zesty lemon. Soft, ripe melon with vanilla soaked nectarine develops, complemented by a touch of sweet aniseed and mint.

Finish: Toffee leaves a buttery texture, while fruit fades leaving fresh mint tea.

Reserve Casks        11 yo Benrinnes

A small batch of four refill butts from Benrinnes distillery has been used to create this Speyside Single Malt, distilled in 2012 and aged for eleven years.

This thick, heavy spirit produced at this Speyside distillery lends itself to long ageing, giving a full and creamy mouthfeel and rounded fruit flavors.


Nose: Rich, dark chocolate is joined by juicy raisins and sticky dates. Baked pears soaked in vanilla syrup with a spoon of blackcurrant jam sit with a freshness from lemon zest atop whipped cream.

Palate: Honeycomb pieces dipped in milk chocolate sits alongside coffee and warming ginger spice. Dried fruit with brown sugar and orange oil are layered with cinnamon spice and polished Oak.

Finish: Nectarines and ground ginger intermingle to create a long-lasting end.

2008 15 yo Aultmore Cask #900273

Distilled at Aultmore distillery in 2008 and aged for 15 years in a single Sherry Butt, which yielded a total of only 422 bottles. Situated on the edge of the Foggie Moss just north of Keith in the heart of Speyside, Aultmore’s fermentation process lends inteslf to the identifiable ‘fragrant on the nose, substantial on the palate’ characteristic.
60.7% abv.

C olor: Rich Mahogany

Nose: A private library complete with worn leather couch and a scented cinnamon candle burning on a desk. Chewy gingerbread and toffee pieces are amplified with spicy sandalwood and sawdust.

Palate: This is a warming dram that develops into spicy ground ginger and cigar leaf.

Finish: Spice fades into dark cacao and fresh mint leaves.

2013 10 yo Glen Garioch Cask #973

Distilled at Glen Garioch distillery in 2013 and aged for 10 years in a single barrel, which yielded a total of only 221 bottles. Glen Garioch distillery, established in 1797, stands as one of the oldest distilleries in Scotland. The distinctive waxy character alongside notes of cereal and spice can be attributed to its short fermentation, before the flavors develop to thick honeyed fruits and leather.
57.1% abv.

Color: Pale Straw

Nose: Spring lavender flowers – herbaceous and fresh – combine with soft caramel chews and the spiciness of candied ginger. Bright citrus notes with warming cinnamon bark.

Palate: Melted honeycomb with a soft violet character. Fluffy marshmallow coated in milk chocolate balanced with the sweet tang of lime marmalade on hot buttered toast.

Finish: As the floral notes fade, the texture of creamy milk chocolate remains. A slight hint of glace ginger in the background.

2009 14 yo Linkwood Cask #314173

Distilled at Linkwood distillery in 2009 and aged for 14 years in a single hogshead, which yielded a total of only 242 bottles. Linkwood’s elegant character, typified by flavors of green fruits and a peppery finish, is always a pleasure to experience.
55.8% alc.

Color: Gold

Nose: Freshly baked croissants laced with rich frangipane, served alongside sweet, juicy pears and a dollop of vanilla cream. A zesty, sweet spoonful of lemon curd with swirls of soft honeysuckle.

Palate: Rounded. Lemon and vanilla are complemented by lovely, ripe pears. Baking spices provide a subtle, peppery structure in the background – complete with cinnamon, allspice, and clove.

Finish: As the sweetness fades, spice remains, along with the oils from a freshly zested lemon.

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