An independent bottler searches for casks from the different distilleries around Scotland, looking for the best malts to share with whisky enthusiasts the world over. Each cask is sampled and only if it is found to be of the best quality will it be bottled in the Single Malts of Scotland range as a Single Cask or as part of a small batch.

Many of the bottlings in Single Malts of Scotland have received awards and critical acclaim and with years of experience in selecting casks, you can be sure that the whiskies that are bottled are of the highest quality. With aged casks such as these becoming increasingly difficult to find, each Whisky can be considered unlikely ever to be repeated. Each bottling is one of a limited number, making them perfect for a special gift or the chance to try something truly unique.

About Director’s Special

Only exceptional whiskies are selected by our Director to be bottled for this exclusive series from The Single Malts of Scotland. Each bottling is aged to perfection, celebrating both the classic characteristics of the distillery and the subtle changes created by time and oak.

About Reserve Casks

The Single Malts of Scotland Reserve Casks are a flavor-led exploration of fine Single Malts, bottled in small batches of three to ten casks. Each parcel of bottles shows the variety of styles and flavors found across Scotland, and the differences in angel’s share depending on region. Bottled at a consistent 48% with no added color and no chill-filtration, the Reserve Casks are intended to suit the palates of both novices and experts alike.

2022 Whiskey Ring Awards – Best Independent Bottler

Director’s Special 32 yo 1989 Bunnahabhain Cask #6078

32 Years Old – Distilled at Bunnahabhain distillery.

Only 117 bottles were produced from a single ex-Bourbon Hogshead of Bunnahabhain Single Malt Scotch whisky, which was aged for more than 32 years.

51% abv.

Nose: Newly polished mahogany gives way to the fruitiness and nuttiness of Madagascan cocoa nibs. the fresh scent of citrus oils develops from freshly zested oranges.

Palate: The orange zest continues onto the palate and combines with juicy Morello cherries. These flavors evolve in the form of Florentine biscuits – a delicate mixture of hazelnut, candied cherry, honey, and chocolate.

Finish: Chocolate remains, in the form of a fruit-and-nut brownie, lingering for a lengthy, silky nish.

9 yo 2012 Ben Nevis

Distilled at the Ben Nevis distillery in 2012 and aged for more than 9 years in a single hogshead, which yielded a total of 345 bottles. This whisky is an intriguing layered treat of fruit and creamy notes, accented by some wonderful earthiness and spice.

Cask #47357
57.5% abv.
from the highlands

NOSE: Juicy overripe peaches on a warm day mingle with herbaceous notes of thyme. This develops into pear juice and honeysuckle. Creamy notes of vanilla custard and butterscotch follow closely.

PALATE: Right away, we are treated to a flaky, buttery peach-and- apricot pastry. Some herbaceous notes continue, in the form of sweet basil and white pepper. A vanilla sweetness drifts in, with a slight edge of quince jam.

FINISH: A slight heat, that of chili flakes and peppercorns, develops further into more stone fruit.

11 yo 2010 Bunnahabhain

Distilled at the Bunnahabhain distillery in 2010 and aged for more than 11 years in a single ex-Sherry Butt, which yielded a total of 609 bottles. This Bunnahabhain is entwined with rich smokiness, intense heat, and a hint of fruit.

Cask #101000389
58.1% abv
from Islay

NOSE: Dark chocolate chips mingle with crispy autumn leaves at first. This leads on to the freshness of menthol, as well as some creamy caramel. Smoked meats arrive next.

PALATE: Sweet hickory smoke permeates the palate, complemented by honey drizzled on pear slices. A hint of fiery spice brings further intrigue to this layered palate, in the form of Szechuan pepper.

FINISH: A slightly tannic, floral finish with citrus notes – like taking a sip of Lady Grey tea from a china teacup.

12 yo 2009 Orkney


Distilled at an Orkney distillery in 2009 and aged for more than 12 years in a single ex-Sherry Butt, which yielded a total of 615 bottles. This is a delectable warming and mouth-filling dram, fully infused with red fruits, rich sweetness, and a hint of spice.

Cask #5
56.4% abv.
From Orkney

NOSE: A spoonful of dark berry jam is dolloped on a rich fruit cake with marzipan icing. Dark caramel, drizzled on stewed figs, is mingled with some almond flakes.

PALATE: More rich, red fruits: cranberry sauce and candied raisins. Thick manuka honey mingles with cinnamon spice and candied orange peel.

FINISH: The sherry has clearly influenced this dram but has not overpowered the spirit – a beautiful peppery honey finish with more fruit, some fudge sauce and baking spice.

11 yo 2011 Craigellachie

This Single Malt was distilled at Craigellachie distillery in 2011 and aged for more than 11 years in a single Sherry butt, yielding 657 bottles. This Craigellachie has its signature earthy style balanced by the sweetness of stewed fruit and toffee.

53.6% abv.
654 Bottles

Baked apples – charred and caramelized in the oven then served with a scoop of vanilla ice cream and slices of banana. A spoonful of fig conserve with layers of pepper.

Sticky date pudding combines with darkened toffee sauce. Rich notes of stewed plum sprinkled with muscovado sugar and a crack of black pepper create deep layers of silky sweetness with touches of zest. Spicy Oak is joined by rich riverbank earth.

Pepper softens into dark chocolate and freshly brewed coffee.

11 yo 2011 Clynelish

This Single Malt was distilled at Clynelish distillery in 2011 and aged for more than 11 years in a single barrel, yielding 189 bottles. This Clynelish is a buttery whisky with notes of chocolate and warming spices.

55.8% abv.
186 Bottles

Velvety vanilla custard is joined by rich, luscious caramel. Freshly baked croissants – buttery and bready gives a homey feel. Warm spice lingers in the background.

Buttery caramel chews with fresh vanilla cream poured over juicy ripe peach, nectarine, and apricot. Sandalwood and chocolate covered crystallized ginger provide a welcome zing to the fruity, buttery sweetness.

Sandalwood fades to leave cinnamon, ginger, and nutmeg. Cocoa powder remains.

9 yo 2013 Laphroaig

This Single Malt was distilled at Laphroaig distillery in 2013 and aged for more than 9 years in a single hogshead, yielding 321 bottles. This Laphroaig gives a deep and rich smoke wonderfully counterbalanced by notes of licorice, mint, and chocolate.

58.2% abv.
318 Bottles

Earthy and sweet. Pine resin is joined by sticky BBQ sauce. Sea spray and cooling mint leaves cut through the richness.

Complex. Embers from a BBQ fire are layered with robust, tarry notes. Licorice and dark chocolate provide a luscious, earthy combination with the comforting flavors of black tea, lemon, and honey.

Fire dissipates to leave white pepper and a depth of flavor from umami and eucalyptus.

16 yo 2016 Linkwood

This Single Malt was distilled at Linkwood distillery in 2006 and aged for more than 16 years in a single hogshead, yielding 305 bottles. This Linkwood treats you to orchard fruits and fresh citrus

57.1% abv.
300 Bottles

Orchard fruits – green apples and juicy pear. Peeled mandarin segments drizzled in Acacia tree honey. Dollops of freshly whipped cream with flecks of vanilla.

Apples continue on the palate – but more apple pie, with buttery, flaky pastry. A spoonful of marmalade with earthy honey. Warming bread notes and fruity sweetness combined.

A beautifully long dram, sweet citrus continues as the honey fades.

Reserve Casks Clynelish

A batch of three ex-Bourbon barrels from the Clynelish distillery has been used to create this Single Malt, distilled in 2011 and aged for more than 10 years. A characteristic mouth-coating dram, with plenty of contrast in the form of fruit and buttery, creamy notes. Bottled exclusively for the USA.
Nose: A jar of coconut hand cream is opened next to a paper bag of pear drops. There is comforting baking spice: cinnamon, ginger, and allspice. Some rolled oats and jasmine waft in next, with a slight contrasting tropical nuance and a hint of melted butter.

Palate: Pear juice and chunks of tangy, bright pineapple explode on the palate. This is all accented by a truly buttery and mouth-coating character which allows for a wonderful complexity of flavor.

Finish: You are left with lots of fresh, sweet pineapple juice, a delicate floral note, and candied ginger.

Reserve Casks Laphroaig

A batch of three ex-Bourbon hogsheads from the Laphroaig distillery has been used to create this Single Malt, distilled in 2014 and aged for more than 7 years. Smoky and pleasantly herbaceous, this is a Laphroaig which entices from the first sip. Bottled exclusively for the USA.
Nose: Charred wood smoke drifts towards the senses, mingling with delightful melting caramel. Crushed nuts appear, sprinkled on maple-syrup-coated bacon.

Palate: Somewhat vegetal and herbaceous initially: notes of thyme, sage, and rosemary meld with black peppercorns, agave nectar, and hints of licorice boiled sweets.

Finish: Leaves a lingering impression of smoke and menthol.

Reserve Casks Linkwood

A batch of three ex-Bourbon hogsheads from the Linkwood distillery has been used to create this Single Malt, distilled in 2008 and aged for more than 13 years. This is a dram bursting with fruitiness and touches of citrus zest, making for a wonderfully bright and refreshing experience. Bottled exclusively for the USA.
Nose: We are initially greeted with slices of orchard fruits: Granny Smith apples and Williams pears are laid out on a stoneware plate. This is followed closely by beeswax and a slight dry white wine note. Fresh notes of just-cut grass develop into delicious tropical fruits: passionfruit and coconut.

Palate: More pears appear on the palate – this time, stewed and served as a dessert with more delicious passionfruit and a drizzle of caramel sauce. There is a squeeze of fresh lemon zest and a slight herbaceous note.

Finish: This is a beautifully balanced dram that is equal in both length and intensity. Incredibly moreish – tropical fruits linger on with delicious citrus.

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