Run #3

Director’s Special

31 yo Imperial

Only 154 bottles were produced from a single barrel of Imperial Single Malt Scotch whisky, which was aged for more than 31 years.

Bottled at 44.1% alc.

NOSE – Strawberry jellies in a crinkly paper bag appear at first, followed by a vase of dried honeysuckle, sitting on a wooden windowsill. A slice of key lime pie is served with a dollop of sugared cream and accented by a few sticky marshmallows.

PALATE – Raspberry coulis and crunchy meringue nests, breaking apart on a China plate. The tart sweetness of lychee develops on to a little hint of baking spice and a spoon of set honey. A hint of Earl Grey tea, left stewing in the cup.

FINISH – Warming and silky, leaving a lasting impression of cinnamon chewy sweets and desiccated coconut. Milk-chocolate mint creams rest on, with a whisper of almond extract.

Director’s Special

22 yo Laphroaig

Only 421 bottles were produced from a single ex-Sherry Butt of Laphroaig Single Malt Scotch whisky, which was aged for more than 22 years.

Bottled at 52.6% alc

NOSE – Initially, heapings of spiced plum chutney and blackberry compote. This is accented by a touch of smoke from bonfire embers and plenty of sticky, smoked chipotle glaze. Lastly, vanilla-infused tobacco leaves appear.

PALATE – Crunchy maple syrup brittle coats the palate, followed immediately by a spoon of date conserve. Steaming peppermint tea arrives, served with crumbly ginger snaps. This eases on to a glass of decadent cherry wine and a slice of spongy pain d’épices.

FINISH – Sooty smoke is at its most intense on the finish, mingling with smoked trout blinis. Sea-salted caramel and earthy brown soda bread linger to the end.

25 yo Bowmore Cask #1367

This Single Malt was distilled at Bowmore Fistillery in 1996 and aged for more than 25 years in a single Hogshead, yielding a total of 162 bottles. This Bowmore treats you to abundant sweet smoke, saline intensity, and a pleasant freshness.

Bottled at 54.3% alc.

NOSE – At first, aromas reminiscent of a smoky barbecue on a windy beach, with salt in the air. This leads on to smoked thyme and slightly grilled nectarine.

PALATE – Plumes of sweet smoke, a crunchy, indulgent candy apple, and a drizzling of blossom honey. Some heat appears with smoked chipotle chili paste, which is balanced by the freshness of a vase of just-cut flowers.

FINISH – A touch of the tanginess of grape peel marries with a slightly burnt pear pie, which evolves into a whisper of white pepper.

24 yo Ben Nevis Cask #1730

This Single Malt was distilled at Ben Nevis Distillery in 1996 and aged for more than 24 years in a single Hogshead, yielding a total of 177 bottles. Full of creamy, fruity and zesty flavors, this Ben Nevis presents an array of taste experiences in just one sip.

Bottled at 48.8% alc.

NOSE – Cherry and cranberry chocolate brownies, just out of the oven. Scattered pine needles on a forest floor are followed by the headiness of a new leather satchel and the succulence of a few slices of mandarin.

PALATE – A bowl of deliciously juicy peaches is complemented by the creaminess of butterscotch candies. The fruity-yet-creamy character continues with helpings of strawberries and freshly whipped cream, drizzled with indulgent raspberry coulis.

FINISH – Just a touch of ripe kiwi is followed by a squeeze of lime juice and grated ginger

12 yo Teaninich Cask #715786

Distilled in Teaninich distillery in 2008 and aged for more than 12 years in a single hogshead, which yielded a total of just 296 bottles. This is a whisky bursting with verdant and juicy notes, all complemented by an indulgent showing of tasty confection.

57.7% alc.

NOSE – Comforting notes of roasted butternut squash, drizzled with honey and sprinkled with hazelnuts, drift in. Next, more freshness – like a springtime walk by the river. Pear peels mingle with heady wood and orchid petals.

PALATE – A refreshing lime ice lolly is served up with a glass of cold ginger beer. Chocolate-covered nougat and flaky pastry bring a creaminess to the experience, followed up by toasted almonds and chopped parsley.

FINISH – Deliciously light and bright – rose tonic water and strawberry marshmallows remain, with just a slight hint of torn rocket leaves.

11yo Glen Elgin Cask #807780

Distilled at Glen Elgin distillery in 2009 and aged for more than 11 years in a single hogshead, which yielded a total of just 242 bottles. An abundance of fruit and earthiness lifts this dram into elegant complexity.

59.7% alc.

 NOSE – On first nose, we’re immersed in aromas of sliced Ambrosia apples and strawberry lace sweets. Light peony perfume wafts in, followed by crumbly marzipan and bright green tulip leaves. A new leather handbag brings an earthy freshness.

PALATE – Sumptuous Pasteis de Nata contribute a creamy sweetness. This is followed by celery sticks, with a tangy yoghurt dip and juicy nectarine conserve. Gentle wood spice drifts in next, smothered in lingonberry sauce.

FINISH – Burnt pretzels and delicate fruit remain strong – a touch of zest idles with apple-and-blackcurrant cordial and melon sorbet.


10 yo Caol Ila Cask #300162

Distilled at Caol Ila distillery in 2011 and aged for more than 10 years in a single ex-sherry butt, which yielded a total of 612 bottles. This is a dram that truly makes the case for the immense enjoyment gleaned from the perfect balance of smoke, salt and dark fruits.

61.9% alc.

NOSE – Right away, toasted naan bread and oak-smoked salmon, stuffed with mackerel roulade, jump out. Then, Sicilian lemon peel, with a smattering of coriander seeds and heapings of spiced plum chutney.

PALATE – Smoky and sweet sticky barbecue sauce coats the palate with plenty of dried figs and a touch of mango juice. A vinegar-laden paper bag of fish and chips takes over, moving on to juicier notes of cranberry compote and candied cherries.

FINISH – Strawberry jelly sweets rest on, along with the ashy smoke of a burnt match and lots of vanilla sugar. A few pickled capers linger behind the fruity smoke.

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