Iki Island (Nagasaki Prefecture) is a 53.46 square mile island situated to the north of Nagasaki and the west of Fukuoka, Japan. The population of the island is just under 30,000 people.

Distillation on the island is special as it typically comprises of a 1/3 koji rice to 2/3 barley grain bill. This is because the island is renowned for growing both barley and rice. While rice cultivation measurements determined the amount owed and what was paid as the Nengu (Land Tax) to the Government during the Edo period, barley was not part of the Nengu (Land Tax) so the island had excess supply which allowed them to explore the fermentation of that grain. In fact, Iki Island is known as the birthplace of barley shochu during the 16th century.

Ikinokura Distillery is where IKIKKO whisky is created. As with other koji whisky, the spirit originally begins as shochu, but with maturation occurring while aging in barrels, this delicate & delicious spirit transforms into what can NOW legally be called whisky. Since 1899, 55 distilleries have been constructed on Iki Island, but that number has now dwindled to only 7. In 1984, 6 of these distilleries merged together forming the entity that is now known as the Ikinokura Distillery.

Ikikko 8 yo

NOSE: Ripened dark fruits, white pepper, and aged allspice mix harmoniously with subtle citrus & morning dew.

PALATE: Wood fiber soaked with light cardamom, delicate cream, and tangerine is followed by a rising crescendo of clean spices with a lingering touch of herbal tea and steamed rice.

FINISH: Distant sea salts arrive with a balanced amount of dried wine as the oily peppermint and candied sweetness allow for a clarified and complex lasting experience.

92 points Whisky Advocate

91 points New Wine Review

Ikikko 10 yo

NOSE: Candle wax, dates, caramel, burnt orange peel

PALATE: Bitter chocolate, coffee, ginger bread.

FINISH: Stewed fruits,Holiday spice, sweet Sherry.The finish lingers with touches of mint andOak.


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