Sam Filmus

President & Managing Director, Keeper of the Quaich

Sam Filmus is the passionate and approachable president of ImpEx Beverages (an Importer of fine spirits from around the world) and JVS Imports (a California Distribution company).  He has done what many of us aspire to in life, take a passion for something and turn it into a career.

While Sam does handle public relations, product selection, sales and marketing, logistics, and social media you will always find him hard at work, happy to do anything for the success of his staff, his customers, and the consumers who love his products… we have even caught him in the warehouse or behind the wheel of a forklift.

Sam received his Whisky Certification from the University of the Highlands and Islands Moray College early on in his career but to him his true education came from the real world and the things he has learned along the way.  He was bestowed the honor of being inducted as a Keeper of the Quaich in 2018, a lifetime achievement well respected by many in the industry.  Even with this title, you will find Sam to be both humble and willing to share his knowledge with anyone who will listen.  He feels that educating people about the unique story behind each brand and the passion of the people involved in creating these wonderful spirits is more important than anything and loves to share this with those he meets whether at a tasting or just walking down the aisle of a store.  He is never too busy to answer a question or strike up a conversation with those he meets.

More than two decades of honing his craft have made him a wealth of knowledge but he will tell you that the real honor is meeting so many of the people in this industry he has learned from and shared with.

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Chris Uhde

Vice President

As ImpEx Beverages Vice President, Chris’ expertise lies not only in whisky as a product and symbol of Scottish culture and heritage, but he has also proven to be gifted in sales, marketing and business operations, from specialty exclusive accounts to large scale region-wide programs. In addition to his role at ImpEx, Chris is Whisky Expert for the United Scottish Society of Southern California, the founder of the Southern California Whiskey Club and he volunteers as the Whisky Curator for the Daily Pint in Santa Monica, LA Weekly’s Whisky Bar of the Year 2013. With 14 years of experience in the spirits industry under his belt, Chris is affectionately known as the Whisky Red Head or Whisky Ginger, and you can find him traveling throughout the West Coast educating retailers, bartenders and consumers about the process of making and drinking fine whisky – ImpEx Brands and beyond.

Jared Card

District Manager, Mid Atlantic Region

Jared has now been in the alcohol industry for 20 years, spending a decade in retail and wholesale and then joining the ImpEx team.

He started in the Mid Atlantic region which at the time included Delaware, Maryland, and Washington DC. His heartfelt passion and tenacious work ethic helped his territory quickly expand to include Pennsylvania, Virginia, West Virginia, and Ohio.

Jared was a trailblazer in these states as this was ImpEx’s first time doing business in those markets.

Jared has developed quite the following with his fun and informative events, and he continues to do countless classes and seminars all over the Mid Atlantic. Connoisseurs, whisky geeks, and anyone who just wants to learn about whisky and see what the buzz is all about always leave his tastings with digestible knowledge and a smile!


Joshua Hatton

National Sales Director, 
Keeper of the Quaich

A true whisky aficionado, Joshua Hatton brings to the table an ability to inspire and get people excited about whisky. Engage Joshua in a conversation about whisky and you’ll instantly see that his love and appreciation for “brown spirits” runs deep, yet is always worn on his sleeve. Though Joshua started his career in whisky as a blogger/reviewer, his desire to instill in others his love and passion for whisky was the driving force and inspiration for founding his own endeavors: Single Cask Nation, a US based independent bottler with a focus on Scotch whisky, One Nation Under Whisky podcast, and the famous Whisky Jewbilee festival which is held in Seattle, New York City, and Chicago. Joshua has toured more than 35 distilleries between both Scotland and the United States and has conducted in excess of 600 whisky tasting events. 

Joshua’s sales responsibilities are for Connecticut, New York, New Jersey, Massachusetts, Rhode Island and Illinois. The key to Joshua’s sales initiatives is to infuse his knowledge and passion onto distributors sales personnel, educating the retail and on-premise crew on every level.

Dan Pate

Southeast Sales Manager

Uisge-beatha (Scottish) or Uisce beatha (Irish), either way, whisk(e)y is the “water of life.”  If you have a chance to run across Dan in the market place, he’s always happy to share a dram and his passion for all things spirits, especially whisk(e)y.  The stories are what keeps the conversations alive, the whisk(e)y is the water that brings us together.

Brian Dvoret

Executive Sales Manager

Brian  has been involved in the Scotch Whisky Industry many years.  Brian and his family now reside in Chandler Arizona.

Before joining ImpEx, Brian was the National Brand Ambassador for Speyside Distillery and Scott’s Independent Bottling Company.  He has been involved in many Scotch Events from Seminars to Whisky Live (Chicago, Dallas, Pleasanton, New York) to the Rocky Mountain Cigar Festival.  Brian is very passionate about Cigar and Whisky pairings!

Brian loves teaching and exploring distilleries around the world. Along with many expeditions to Scotland, he has even been to Lark Distillery in Hobart Tasmania.  Having given over 100 seminars on Whisky, Brian loves to spread understanding and a love for the stories behind the spirit!

Kevin Obis

Northwest Sales Manager

Kevin Obis is the Northwest Sales Manager for ImpEx Beverages. He started his career in the beverage industry as a craft cocktail bartender, honing his skills for cocktails and conversation in some of Seattle’s best bars. During his time there he grew to love and appreciate the simplicity of a dram of scotch, perhaps with just a splash of water. He joined ImpEx in 2020, eager to bring his enthusiasm for single malt whiskies and their stories to the people of the Pacific Northwest in a new and exciting way.

Melissa Ginzburg

Midwestern Regional Sales Manager

Melissa Ginzburg is the ImpEx Midwestern Regional Sales Manager for states including Kansas, Minnesota, Missouri, and Nebraska. Originally from Iowa, and having spent time living in Japan, Melissa now resides in the heart of the Twin Cities, Minnesota. She has a number of years of experience in the spirits industry including time spent distilling and bottling. Melissa specializes in hosting events, education, and menu creations showcasing the phenomenal spirits of ImpEx.