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The ImpEx Collection is a labor of love derived from the heart of Sam Filmus, President and Managing Director of ImpEx Beverages.

He, along with his business partner Chris Uhde, has spent a great amount of time and passion selecting the casks that go into each bottle of The ImpEx Collection that you find on the shelf.

After over 40 years of combined industry experience, you can tell that each Cask is unique and special, offering the best that different categories have to offer.

Whether you find yourself looking for a dram of rare and unique Whisky or you feel you want a special and select rum or mezcal, you can be sure that each bottle of The ImpEx Collection will take your passion for a spirit to new heights.

The high expectations for quality and taste that Sam and Chris possess can be found in each sip of delicious juice.

While we unveil the offerings from The ImpEx Collection, we hope you will find the taste and style that suits you best.


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The ImpEx Collection Felipe Cortes, Bicuixe (A.Karwinskii)


Batch No. 0315FC 49.4% abv 368 Bottles

Distilled by Felipe Cortes in March of 2015 in a Copper Alembic still and rested in glass for over 7 years.

The nose is overripe bananas, wet stone, and classic Miahuatlán terroir. The palate is incredibly creamy with some mango and a touch of tajin spice. The finish lasts and lasts, the creamy texture doesn’t fade at all.

The ImpEx Collection Victor Ramos, Coyote Verde (A.Potatorum X A.Karwinskii)

Batch No 0521VFR 50.92% abv. 264 Bottles

Distilled by Victor Ramos in May of 2021 in a Copper Alembic still and rested in glass for over 1 year

The Nose is filled with fresh green ivy, aloe, earthy chalk, and a very, very light smoke. The palate comes in vibrant yet elegant with green banana and the feeling of fresh cut grass after a light rain. The finish is back to the character of the nose with chalk and ivy. It lingers and asks for another sip.

The ImpEx Collection Felipe Cortes, Madrecuixe (A.Karwinskii)

Batch No 0417FC 49% abv. 370 Bottles

Distilled by Felipe Cortes in April of 2017 in a Copper Alembic still and rested in glass for over 5 years

The nose is super chalky with prickly pear and dragon fruit. The palate shows notes of roasted agave, honeysuckle, and a bit of toast before getting to the finish which is all wonderful roasted agave. Not too sweet, but very rich.

The ImpEx Collection Victor Ramos, Tobalá Capón (A.Potatorum)


Batch No 0521VFR 48.3% abv 265 Bottles

Distilled by Victor Ramos in May of 2021 in a Copper Alembic still and rested in glass for over 1 year

The nose hints at how big of a mezcal this is. Sculpting clay, sweet nectar, and a whisp of smoke. The palate is very robust with big roasted agave and citrus notes. The finish brings the nose and palate together in a grand finale of a wonderful agave experience.

The ImpEx Collection 2006 16 yo Benrinnes


Speyside Single Malt

Cask#800218 (HHD)

54.1% abv 264 bottles

Nose: Strawberry syrup is joined by an uplifting zing from a crack of black pepper and a spoon of marmalade.

Palate: Sweet and fruity with underlying layers of spice. Juicy segments of mandarin in syrup join the richness from the strawberry.

Finish: Citrus fades to leave soft spice.

The ImpEx Collection 2007 15 yo Blair Athol


Highland Single Malt

Cask#4255 (Oloroso Sherry Butt)

55.4% abv 654 bottles

Nose: Refreshing ginger ale with a sprig of mint is joined by a hint of bacon in the background.

Palate: Cola botte candies with underlying layers of spice. A hint of char and Oak hides under unripe mango and pineapple.

Finish: Tropical notes fade to reveal orchard fruits. Honeyed black tea lingers.

The ImpEx Collection 2010 13 yo Caol Ila

Islay Single Malt

Cask#302281 (HHD)

59.0% abv 240 bottles

Nose: Sweet and earthy. Bonfire char combines with dark caramel, blackberry jam, and leather.

Palate: Sea spray and smoke give way to raisins and charcoal. Tarry notes with licorice and polished Oak. Underlying layer of Gingerbread spice.

Finish: Finish is long and peppery finishing with a touch of menthol.

The ImpEx Collection 1974 49 yo Invergordon

Highland Single Grain

Cask#7844000035 (HHD)

47.6% abv 162 bottles

Nose: Toasted brioche with vanilla cream drizzled with honey.

Palate: Poached pears in vanilla syrup is complemented by rose water and chocolate. A rich and rounded mouthfeel from polished Oak and leather lingers in the background.

Finish: Warm bread fades to leave sweet notes of honey and vanilla.

The ImpEx Collection 1991 31 yo Islay

Islay Single Malt

Cask#700048 (ex-Bourbon Barrel)

48.7% abv 216 bottles

Nose: Salty rockpools with bonfire smoke in the distance.

Palate: Beautifully complex. This dram continues to develop on the palate from the expected smoke and char into a luscious tropical fruit salad.

Finish: Pineapple and mango turns to apple, pear, and melon creating a wonderfully moorish dram.

The ImpEx Collection 2008 15 yo Linkwood

Speyside Single Malt

Cask#800832 (HHD)

58.9% abv 258 bottles

Nose: Apple and fresh coconut is met with citrus – creamy lemon with orange oil.

Palate: Apple and pear with a slight grassiness – hay and heather, almost petrichor. White chocolate and vanilla remain consistent in the background.

Finish: Grassiness fades into earthy Rooibos tea. Vanilla and spice linger.

The ImpEx Collection 2005 17 yo Long Pond

A cool October night where vanilla, Oak, caramelized apples, and a touch of apple cider vinegar fill the cool, crisp night air. Your palate dances with the sweet tastes of banana, pineapple, and Manuka honey followed by the return of the vanilla and Oak and finishing with warm apple pie.

Cask 18 VRW
255 Bottles at 54.9% abv.


The ImpEx Collection 2007 15 yo Clarendon

A Summer’s Day on your back porch taking in the sun and the warm breeze. N ates of mint and a touch of coconut draw you in as spearmint gives way to refreshing blackberries tantalizing your palate and finishing with a field of mint and mixed flowers.

Cask 644 MBKB
252 Bottles at 53.2% abv.

The ImpEx Collection 2007 15 yo Long Pond

A day in a secret garden where big Oak spice, wet ivy, raspberries, and pears tickle your nose. Fresh pear, mandarin orange, and a touch of mint tantalize the palate then finish with burnt sugared oranges.

Cask 12 ITP
248 Bottles at 52.8% abv.

2024 San Francisco World Spirits Competition – Double Gold, 98 points

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