We exist to identify the very small number of casks that have produced the ultimate whiskies. The criteria for selection include rarity and maturity, but above all flavour. Adelphi whiskies are both rare and sought after.

Each single cask of whisky matures its contents very differently, imparting its own character to the whisky it holds and, as a result, there are never two Adelphis quite the same.

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Adelphi 5 yo

Ben Nevis

Distillery: Ben Nevis
Year of distillation: 2015
Age: 5 Years Old
Region: Highland
Type of cask: First Fill Oloroso Sherry
Cask number: 10712
Alcohol strength: 59.5% alc.
Number of bottles: 645 bottles

Matured in a first fill Oloroso Sherry Puncheon, this is mahogany in color with a light bead. A deeply savory nose swimming with aromas of new welly boots, Marmite, beef jus, star anise, soy and oyster sauces, Black Forest gâteaux and rich game. The palate continues with fig chutney, Soreen malt loaf, licorice, green tea, beef jerky, and kicap manis. An almost edible finish, not for the faint hearted. This is heady, chunky stuff!

Adelphi 12 yo

Caol Ila

Distillery: Caol Ila
Year of distillation: 2008
Age: 12 Years Old
Region: Islay
Type of cask: First Fill Oloroso Sherry
Cask number: 309451
Alcohol strength: 53% alc.
Number of bottles: 645 bottles

Matured exclusively in a first fill Sherry Butt, rosewood in color and showing very good beading. On the nose we first discover harborside oysters with Tabasco, eucalyptus, twiglets, mature cheddar, and peanut satay. The palate is similarly savory with biltong, Oxo cube, olive brine, chocolate and chilli, salted licorice, and a lengthy, waxy finish.

Adelphi 18 yo


Distillery: Mortlach
Year of distillation: 2003
Age: 18 Years Old
Region: Speyside
Type of cask: First Fill Bourbon Barrel
Cask number: 800265
Alcohol strength: 57.4% alc.
Number of bottles: 225 bottles

Drawn from a first-fill American Oak ex-Bourbon Barrel, the color of Chardonnay and a moderate bead. On the nose we found brandy butter, orange peel, rice pudding, marmalade, barley sugar, and papaya. The palate is initially sweet with sugared almonds, fruit cocktail juice, coconut tray bake, hazelnuts. A multi-layered dram with lovely confectionary notes.

Adelphi 21 yo


Distillery: Springbank
Year of distillation: 1999
Age: 21 Years Old
Region: Campbeltown
Type of cask: Refill Rum Cask
Cask number: 308
Alcohol strength: 53.4% alc.
Number of bottles: 181 bottles

Matured in a refill Rum cask this is a sweet tropical dram with coconut, pineapple, and banana on the nose. The sweetness continues on the palate with toasted marshmallows and sticky fudge, balanced with a hint of peat. Rich tropical meringue pavlova, crème brûlée, and citrus keylime pie. Strong presence of dunnage warehouse maturation.

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