Mal de Amor is located in “Santiago Matatlán, Oaxaca, Mexico” and is completely family owned. It is not just a distillery; on the grounds the Hernandez family runs an authentic Oaxacan style restaurant on the main road departing Oaxaca Centro. 

The agave used for production at Mal de Amor comes from a variety of different lands in Oaxaca which allows for a rich diversity in expressions to include different terroir. Portions of the family owned land is used to maintain the sustainability of agave for future generations.

The Maestro Mezcalero is Armando Hernandez.  Armando is a 3rd generation Maestro Mezcalero. He grew up making mezcal with his father, learning the techniques handed down from his grandfather. Armando and his family are native Oaxacan people known as Zapotec.

The agave is crushed by a horse-pulled tahona after being slow roasted underground for 4-5 days

The fermentation is done with wild yeast in open air (completely natural fermentation) which takes between 5-10 days

The stills are around 250 liters and are heated by direct fire. Everything is double distilled (copper pot distillation) then rested in glass anywhere from 6 months to 4 years. This allows for the flavors to really come out after some settling. 

Mal de Amor is a sustainable responsible brand and pleased to share their passion and family legacy with the US.

You can visit them on the web at 

Batch 1 Offerings



This expression, bottled at 45% abv, is Light and fruity, teasing the palate with gentle smoke and drawing you in for the next taste.



While this expression is similar to Barril we get lemons, lemon pie, and light smokiness.  It is a great compliment to the line with its unique agave offering. Bottled at 46% ab

Sierra Negra 


This expression is very rare, it takes 20 years to grow!

Mal de Amor Sierra Negra has a mint quality to it mixed with subtle melon undertones. With flavors of cantaloupe and watermelon, it’s a lighter fruit and slightly sweeter offering than you find with other agaves.  Bottled at 45% abv



With this expression you feel like you are experiencing Mezcal from its start of roasting in the ground. Ash and menthol, very big smoke taste, light citrus, super earthy.  Bottled at 46% abv this hearty expression won’t disappoint. 



This one really hits home, it’s citrus with a bite, has a long finish, and has a smell of earth – like potted soil.  Bottled at 45% abv, this expression is a gentle reminder of the passion for the terroir that goes in to each and every bottle of Mal de Amor.

Madre Cuishe 


This beauty is a massive tropical fruit bomb with smoke enhancing the symphony of exotic flavors dancing around on your tongue.  Bottled at 45% abv



Reminiscent of a relaxing day of fishing and spending time with nature, this expression brings smoked salmon and a bit of saltiness, lots of mineral tastes round it out – a season of memories captured in a glass.  Bottled at 45% abv.


(Multiple Varietals)

Keeping in tradition, the ensambles are based on the historical method of production of using agaves that are ready for harvest on the land vs doing single varieties. The ensambles also have unique taste profile as the different agaves can also taste very different from each other which creates even more depth when cooked, mashed, fermented, and distilled together.

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