Penderyn 6 yo Moscatel de Setubal Wine Cask W19 (Double still)


Nose: Fruity and floral aromas, alongside orange blossom, peach, apples, white grape and gooseberry

Palate: Sweet citrus flavours, orange peel, apricot, raisin, figs, and a nutty oak spice

Finish: A sweetness fades to oaky dryness with a hint of cacao

60.8% alc.

Penderyn 6 yo Tawny Port Cask PT318 (Faraday still)



Nose: Rich creamy notes of vanilla, caramel, plums and black grapes. Aroma of red fruits with a hint of strawberries and red apples

Palate: Sweetly smooth – red berries (raspberries and strawberries), with gentle light tannins and peppery spices

Finish: Warm and creamy leading to more black fruits: cherries, blackberries, with the hint of dry oak at the end

59.59% alc.

Penderyn 12 yr Ruby Port Single Cask PT136


This beautiful Single Cask US Exclusive offering from Penderyn was casked in ex-Bourbon in 2008 where it patiently waited 4 years to be transferred to an ex-Ruby Port cask. From there it gained it’s lively character dreaming of all it would be when it emerged a little over 8 years later.  Now with it’s arrival to the US, it will find it’s home in your glass than on your palate; pleasingly smooth and scrumptious.

Penderyn 10 yr Ruby Port Single Cask PT178


Casked in ex-bourbon cask on 20th Nov 2010

Transferred to ex-ruby port cask on 31st May 2013

Disgorged for bottling on 14th January 2021

Penderyn 15 yr Bourbon Single Cask# B105/2005


Nose: Soft honey, vanilla and pears make an entrance, accompanied by oaky notes and spices.

Palate: Rich and syrupy like a sponge cake with marzipan. Some light oak and bourbon sits alongside soft yellow fruits ringing with papaya and pineapple notes.

Finish: Loaded with honey, light tropical notes and light spices.

Penderyn 13 yr Rich Oak Single Cask# D1062


Nose: A caramel and dark chocolate richness… sweet, jammy and thick. Full of tropical fruits notes such as melon, mango, papaya.

Palate: A rich taste in the mouth, sweet and jam-like. Deliciously juicy like fruit salad in a glass, followed by spiciness and notes of oak tannins.

Finish: Dried fruits such as prunes and sultanas, whilst the jammy sweetness dries in the fade.

Penderyn 10 yr Madeira Single Cask #047-3

This single cask was specially selected for and imported by ImpEx Beverages, Inc.
Nose: Notes of rich Madeira wine with sweet aromas of Vanilla, fresh mango, and apricots; orange blossom lingers with dried fruits – sultanas and figs.
Taste: A lovely mouth feel, resplendent with honey, cinnamon spice, and some peppers; some fresh fruit salad alongside a tannin dryness.
Finish: Sweet initially, then a dry finish with vanilla sweetness and spices present.
243 bottles ere produced from this cask and it was bottled at the natural strength of 58.1%

Penderyn 12 yr Portwood Single Cask# PT113

Nose: Rich ruby port heaped with red berries including cranberries, raspberries; dried fruits – a cornucopia of figs, dates, raisins, apricots – and chocolate with a hint of salted caramel.

Taste: Caramel sweetness sits side by side with an American oak dryness; some spiced honey notes; vanilla and dried fruits.

Finish: A smooth fruity sweetness giving way to an oaky dryness.

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