Using carefully selected malt whisky and grain whisky, the sweet and refreshing taste of San-In evokes vanilla, pear, and a fruity finish. 

The town of Kurayoshi is located in the Tottori prefecture, western Japan. Surrounded by countryside, the region abounds in pure water, generously supplied by the snowfall on the chain of Daisen mountains.

The annual temperature is high and contributes effectively to the aging of the Whisky.

The pure underground water of Mount Daisen offers a smooth and mellow taste to this light and refreshing

San-In Blended Whisky

Appearance: Golden Brown

Aroma: Pear, Vanilla, Apricot

Taste: Melon, Pear, & Ginger bring a slight vanilla incense with the taste of fruity pears and a smooth, light mouthfeel resulting from the soft spring water of Mt. Daison.

700 ml 40% abv

2022 Ultimate Spirits Challenge – 91 pts.
2020 San Francisco World Spirits Competition – Gold
2020 International Spirits Challenge – Gold

San-In ex-Bourbon Barrel

Appearance: Cinnamon Brown

Aroma: Vanilla, Maple Syrup

Taste: Orange zest, lemongrass, and vanilla. Smooth and mellow mouthfeel with hints of biscuit, a faint vanilla aroma, and fruity notes of pear on the finish.

700 ml 43% sbv.

2021 International Whisky Competition – 90.67 pts

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