Western Highlands Distillery Announces the launch of their award- winning Single Malt in the USA.

Glenbeg, Ardnamurchan, Scotland 7th April 2021. Ardnamurchan Distillery, Scotland’s Greenest, is proud to announce they have joined forces with ImpEx Beverages, the California based spirit importer, to bring their award-winning Single Malt to the USA in the early Summer of 2021.                                                                  

The distillery had a triumphant launch of their first ever Single Malt in September 2020 and has since further released a Single Cask and another batch of sell out Single Malt. For their US launch, expected to arrive to the states in June, the distillery will be releasing a US exclusive 5,000 bottle AD/04.21:03 Single Malt Scotch whisky alongside a Single Cask AD/CK187 yielding only 269 bottles.

Ardnamurchan distillery produces two signature styles of sprit, one peated and one unpeated. The Single Malt comprises a 50/50 split of peated and unpeated whiskies, matured in a 65%/35% mixture of ex-Bourbon and ex-Sherry casks. The flavor profile is West Coast and includes waxy peel, oyster shells, brine, strawberries with black pepper, and bonfire embers.

 Ahead of the first batch of Ardnamurchan Single Malt being shipped over to ImpEx Beverages, Ardnamurchan Managing Director, Alex Bruce said “I have been following the excellent work that Sam and his team have been doing with a number of our friends in the industry over the years, and it is really exciting to be launching Ardnamurchan with them this year. The timing has also been very opportune for us both, with the introduction of 700ml bottles to match our other markets globally, and the lifting of tariffs on Single Malt Scotch Whisky. As the year progresses, we are equally proud to be bringing the Adelphi Independent Bottlings back to the US with ImpEx as well.”

 Sam Filmus, President and Managing Director of ImpEx Beverages said, “After laying the foundation for ImpEx Beverages in 2008 and growing the portfolio to what it is today we could not be more pleased to embark on this journey with Ardnamurchan and Adelphi.  It is clear to us that not only are we aligned in our philosophies and passion but that this is the perfect addition to please and inspire faithful ImpEx supporters.  We can’t wait to see the following in the US for these amazing brands, the story behind them, and the lovely juice contained within.”

 About Ardnamurchan Distillery

Adelphi is the parent company of the Ardnamurchan Distillery and Adelphi Selection, Scotland’s most acclaimed independent bottler of rare Scotch whisky. Ahead of launching the Ardnamurchan Single Malt in the USA, Adelphi has established key distribution to over 25 single markets worldwide.

 About ImpEx Beverages

ImpEx Beverages imports Whisky, Gin, and Rum from Scotland, Belgium, Wales, Japan, and Israel with future anticipated additions of Mezcal and other Spirits from unexpected destinations.  Regardless of your preference, you are sure to find something that pleases you from the ImpEx portfolio.  Founded in 2008, ImpEx boasts an impressive portfolio, including some of the most notorious small to medium sized distilleries and independent bottlers.

 For more information on where to find these amazing releases, please contact ImpEx at office@ImpExBev.com 


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