Isle of Skye 8 yr….soft and grassy, balanced peat and sea salt. A note of fruit, some soft smoke…sleek and elegant…whats that…a hint of butter running behind the nose?..very pleasant all by itself…but add a little cold spring water and…Nice!…finishes with a little spicey pepper….”
“Arran 10 yo…smokey and slightly herbal on the nose. balanced oak tones…hints of vanilla or butterscotch…and I get all the same things when I swallow…but this is just so smoothe…light oak…sophisticated yet pretty…This is a scotch men and women can rub elbows over..”
by Scott Carlson
Isle of Skye 8 yr Scotch

“While I love Scotch, I’m extremely picky with it.  I have never found one I liked that wasn’t a single malt, and I have zero tolerance for the smokey or peaty flavors.  I’m generally a Balvenie fan.  I however did not know ahead of time that I was trying a blended Scotch.

I pulled the dried apricot and peach out immediately, and loved it.  Shortly after honey came through followed by the oak and finally a very light peat that held an incredibly long finish.  It was literally like tasting a Rainbow, one color at a time.  Again, I’m a fan of anything over 80 proof that still provides a smooth drink.  I was surprised to see that the fruits were not pointed to in the reading on the 8 year, only the 12 year.  They were present, though faded fast.  I then looked for it the following day in my store, and could not believe that I was recalling the correct item.  I had my wife take a picture of the sampler so I could match it up; only $28.99??? This was fantastic.”
Arran 10 yr
“This is an everyday Scotch in my book.  A great single malt, very affordable, and a really smooth, mellow flavor to it.  The honey jumps out first and foremost and lingers all the way through the finish.  I think the only other flavor with a solid presence is the sweetened oak, though the honey may just be tainting it and making it seem sweeter than it is.  Either way, it was very pleasant.  The finish is great, holding onto a sweet flavor that fades slowly, still giving you a bit of honey through the end.  I wasn’t sure what the last flavor was initially that I picked up on until I looked over the reading material provided and pegged light nuts.  I didn’t however pull much in way of citrus or fruit, though it could just be a result of this being my third and final taste of the night.”
by Robert Audette

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