We recently sent some samples to a blogger in Boston who owns the blog “Scotch & Scones”.  Tammy writes about her Scotch musings and reviews, as well as baking stories and recipes. She alternates every week, with the occasional pairing of the two.  


We became friendly, ended up chatting, one thing led to another and the next thing we knew we were expecting scones in the mail.  Being a Scotch reviewer, they came with tasting notes:
Nose: Cream dominates, then a touch of caramel and vanilla sneaks in.
Taste: Flaky and soft, slightly crunchy from the topping, not overly sweet, chocolate slips in from behind.
Finish: Chocolate lingers on the tongue with a gentle sweetness that slowly fades.
Comments: These scones begs for some strawberry jam or lemon curd with clotted cream alongside a cup of tea…a lovely afternoon snack! (See my posts “Time for Tea” and “I’ll Have That On The Side – Part I & II” for recipes)”
Well, I had a little tasting myself, and here are my tasting notes
Scotch & Scones paired with Tamdhu 10
Nose: It starts out with a reminder grandma baking in the kitchen.  Hints of hugs, love, and repeated stories.  I also kept whiffing a baked-in parmesan cheese that was never there, which I attribute to a pleasant yeast in her mix, and a distinct but welcome lack of excess sugar.  
Palate: The palate starts with a soft, buttery crumble that seems like it’s going to fall apart, but holds together just enough to give you a clean bite, and a gentle wrestling with the tongue, which is to be savored.  Melting in your mouth, the structured dough releases the chocolate chips, which blend with the now moist dough.    
Finish: A pleasant parting on a foggy train station, where that the train of time starts moving slowly forward, yet the aftertaste of the scone runs along side, waving frantically, each little morsel left in your mouth trying to get you to remember the tasty times.  Goodbye my doughy friend, and hello Tamdhu 10, my tongue says, as I wash it down with the complementary sweetness of this delicious dram.  
Tamdhu 10: I chose Tamdhu 10 because I thought it would compliment the scones’ subtle sweetness. It was like sipping on a cup of exquisite room temperature tea, except the tea was a Speyside single malt Scotch whisky, exclusively aged in Sherry casks. I was in tastebud heaven, except my tastebuds didn’t have to die to get there, they just had to hug the Scotch and scones for as long as they could, relishing in that amber moment.

Comments:  Tammy is an excellent baker who knows what she’s talking about.  Check out her blog and subscribe if you like yummy baked goods and/or Scotch reviews!

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