Kilchoman Small Batch No.4 U.S. EXCLUSIVE
1,260 Btls 48.1% ABV

This Small Batch Vatting, exclusively available in the USA, combines ex-Bourbon Barrel and ex-Sherry Cask matured Kilchoman at 46% ABV with one one specially selected Madeira Cask at natural cask strength.

The result is a marriage of citrus and peat smoke notes with layers of mixed berry jam, toffee, and cloves.

“Classic Kilchoman citrus sweetness gives way to red currant jelly and waves of peat smoke and sea spray. On the palate notes of marmalade are interwoven with tobacco, peat, and hints of wine-soaked oak. The sweetness returns on the finish, with layers of toffee and cocoa whilst the 48.5% abv means the dram changes and develops as the palate acclimatizes”
~James Wills, US Brand Ambassador

“Our Small Batch exclusives are all about experimenting, using specially selected casks at natural strength to add added layers of flavour and intensity”                                                                             ~Anthony Wills, Kilchoman Founder and Managing Director


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