August 2023. Adelphi Distillery Ltd and ImpEx Beverages are proud to announce the release of Maclean’s Nose, a new blended Scotch whisky. Adelphi has been one of Scotland’s most acclaimed independent bottlers since 1993, producing a wide range of whiskies, from iconic Single Casks to a quality blend. It is also the parent company of the Ardnamurchan Distillery.  The new addition to Adelphi’s range is Maclean’s Nose, a traditional blend, with some modern twists, which takes its name from a rocky outcrop not far from the Ardnamurchan Distillery.
What sets Maclean’s Nose apart is its high malt content of 70% and the significant presence of ex-Sherry casks, which imparts a rich depth of flavor. This unchill-filtered whisky showcases its natural color and is bottled at 46% abv, allowing the true essence of the spirit to shine through. The first batch of 25,000 bottles is available worldwide now, 3,384 of which were shipped to the US.
Enchanting the senses, Maclean’s Nose reveals a captivating array of tasting notes. Expect the delightful interplay of burnt citrus peel, invigorating sea salt, indulgent white chocolate, and the smoky essence of a bonfire by the beach. This deluxe blend encapsulates the rugged and alluring spirit of the Scottish West Coast.
A prominent feature of the Ardnamurchan coastline and only a short distance from the distillery, Maclean’s Nose is a bit of a geological and historical wonder. Its wild, rugged beauty inspired the creation of this new blend, Maclean’s Nose, as well as Adelphi’s link with well-known whisky specialist, Charles MacLean.

Alex Bruce, Managing Director of Adelphi Distillery Ltd says: “I remember at the opening of our new distillery in Ardnamurchan in July 2014, our longstanding sensory mentor, Charlie MacLean, telling me that we were now officially the closest distillery to his nose. It didn’t sink in until sometime later that he was actually referring to the famous promontory off Ben Hiant just a few miles down the coast.
Formed some 60 million years ago from a giant volcanic eruption, Maclean’s Nose has long been used as a navigational aid by passing boats. The multi-colored agglomerate, once lava flow, also inspired our slate-blue Ardnamurchan Single Cask bottle color.
We are really proud to now be able to celebrate both our chief nose and our neighboring nose together in this exciting new West Coast blend. As with all things Adelphi, it is an unashamedly flavor-first whisky, and we hope that you enjoy it as much as we do.”
Carl Crafts, Sales Executive added, “The team from Ardnamurchan Distillery in partnership with ImpEx Beverages are thrilled to announce the arrival of its new Blended Scotch, Maclean’s Nose, to the United States! We have created a whisky that we hope reminds all of us that blended scotch does not equal a poor-quality experience. In reference to the iconic and characterful Western Highland blends of decades past, we flip the script as far as standard blend proportions go by using 70% malt whisky, sourced exclusively from Western Highland and Campbeltown distilleries, along with 30% grain whisky from the Lowlands – much of the maturation comes from Sherry casks as well.
We hope you all enjoy Maclean’s Nose and can’t wait to hear what you think. Our tremendous thanks go out to our US importer, ImpEx Beverages, for continuing to represent our products throughout the United States.”
Sam Filmus, President of ImpEx Beverages said, “The addition of Maclean’s Nose to the ImpEx portfolio was a no-brainer.  The quality we have come to expect from Adelphi and Ardnamurchan continues through to this amazing blend.  Seeing something that showcases the talent and sophistication of the team at Ardnamurchan Distillery coming through in such an approachable whisky (both from the price and taste perspective) is a real win for fans across the US.  This combined with the approval of the Chief Nose himself, Mr. Charles MacLean has brought together something truly spectacular in Maclean’s Nose.”

In addition to the remarkable whisky within, Maclean’s Nose embraces sustainability in its packaging. The Whisky is presented without a gift box, simply in a clear 700ml glass bottle with a label made from Crush Barley, the newest sustainable paper available to print. This innovative material is crafted from a combination of post-consumer waste and barley draff, which would otherwise end up in landfills. The back label features a QR code which tells the story of the whisky and its make up. By prioritizing the circular economy and responsible packaging, Adelphi sets a new standard for eco-consciousness across the whisky industry.
Adelphi worked in collaboration with young Scottish artist – Reuben Sian de Gourlay, to create the artwork for the front label. Born in Dundee in 1998, Reuben recently graduated from UAL Camberwell College of Arts with 1st class honours. In 2020, he was awarded ‘Young Fine Artist of the Year’ in the Scottish Portrait Awards.
Maclean’s Nose is available at specialty retailers across the country, please reach out to for more information on where to locate this truly lovely dram.

About Adelphi Distillery Ltd
Adelphi is the parent company of the Ardnamurchan Distillery and Adelphi Selection, Scotland’s most acclaimed independent bottler of rare Scotch whisky. The award-winning distillery produces world class whisky on the remote Ardnamurchan peninsula, Scotland’s rugged west coast. They apply a sustainable approach to distilling and were awarded the VIBES Good Practice Award in 2021.

About ImpEx Beverages
ImpEx boasts an impressive portfolio, including some of the most notable small to medium sized distilleries and independent bottlers.
ImpEx Beverages imports Whisky, Gin, Rum, and Mezcal from Scotland, Wales, Japan, Israel, Mexico, England, the Caribbean, India, and New Zealand with future anticipated additions from unexpected destinations. We also feature a fine line of Liqueurs and Cordials produced in the US.
Regardless of your preference, you are sure to find something that pleases from the ImpEx Beverages Portfolio.

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