We constantly receive amazing reviews on our Scotches from Whisky lovers, so we decided to share some wonderful reviews and tasting notes with you. The ones we start with are by Mike King, San Francisco. Enjoy!

Tamdhu 10 YO Review

Tamdhu 10 Bottle&Tube_0from small glass vial
tasting in standard glencairn glass

background: Distillery previously owned by the Edrington Group, its single malts were sent mostly to blends such as Famous Grouse, J&B, and Cutty Sark. Distillery closed 2010-13. Now owned by Ian Macleod Distillers, underwent a revival and has a fresh new attitude and steadily putting out single malts. Aged in sherry casks, a large amount being first fill.

color: deep gold, amber
nose: complex and extremely pleasant. I could nose this without tasting and be content. Sweet silky caramel and maple, rustic brown sugar. Floral -> lavender, fresh and clean. Nutty oak and fresh earth backgrounds.
taste: mellow tart -> citrus, grapefruit; sweet -> maple syrup, creamy.
finish: smooth and mellow, sweet and lasting.

after water
nose: outstanding notes of sweetness and fresh/clean floral, mild hints of spice
taste: sweet, sweet maple, smooth and sweet but contrasting mild spice.
finish: less sweet but still smooth and lasting

Review: The Tamdhu 10 year is a Speyside single malt scotch whisky. It has a deep gold color, like dark amber. The nose opens up to a complex and extremely pleasant aroma. Sweet, silky caramel and maple immediately come to mind, followed hints of rustic brown sugar. Floral notes of lavender are present, fresh and clean, with nutty oak and fresh earth aromas making their appearances in the background. The taste yields a balmy, citrusy tart reminiscent of grapefruit. This immediately transitions into sweet maple syrup with a creamy body that finishes smooth and mellow, sweet and lasting. After adding a few drops of water, the nose picks up outstanding notes of sweetness that blend well with the fresh, clean lavender still present. Mild hints of spice are now apparent. The taste reveals very sweet maple that comes on smooth, with a mild spice now present. The sweet and the spice are contrasting but not competing. The finish is less sweet than before, but still smooth and lasting. This is a robust and pleasing single malt; a wonderful addition to anyone’s stock.




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