This is something special!
SCWC will be having not ONE but TWO representatives from TWO different distilleries in Scotland hanging out with us on Thursday April 2, 2015. We will be welcoming James Wills from Kilchoman Distillery and Louisa Young from Arran Distillery for a get together at the Daily Pint. This is not a formal tasting, but a casual event where the goal is maximize the one-on-one time that our members get to spend with both James and Louisa. Included in the event will be a flight of 6 whiskies as well as 2 different scotch cocktails. A Kil-Roy (barrel aged Rob Roy made with Kilchoman) and an Arran Punch. Let’s loosen the collars, hang out as a club and welcome these two into sunny California. Pre registration is $20 (includes tip) or $30 at the door (doesn’t include tip).

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