Single Malt Whisky is produced throughout the world; most notably in Scotland where Single Malt Scotch Whisky has been produced for centuries. The rest of the world has been slowly catching up to Scotch Malt Whisky but, really, it’s been in the past 5-10 years that consumers the world over started paying attention to producers in countries such as Japan, Wales, Belgium, England, France, Germany and now, Israel.

ImpEx Beverages has been focusing on and importing smaller, Independent Single Malt distilleries and producers since the company started in 2008. The company has aligned itself with distilleries such as Kilchoman (Scotland), Penderyn (Wales), and Gouden Carolus (Belgium) over these years and is proud to announce they’ve partnered with Tel Aviv’s (Israel) The M&H Distillery (also commonly known as The Milk & Honey Distillery).

The M&H Distillery had caught the eye of ImpEx Beverages, in part, because the distillery itself shares an origin story with Kilchoman, Penderyn, and Gouden Carolus. That origin is Dr. Jim Swan.

Dr. Jim Swan, sadly now passed, had over 40 years in the industry and was known as “the Einstein of whisky” and “the ultimate whisky troubleshooter”. In his career Dr. Swan has consulted with distilleries such as the aforementioned Kilchoman, Penderyn, & Gouden Carolus but also Clydeside, Annandale, Kavalan, Cotswold, Amrut, and many more. While ImpEx Beverages has been importing Kilchoman since 2010, began importing Penderyn in 2018, and began importing Gouden Carolus in 2019 they’ve been keeping an eye on The M&H Distillery because, in part, this was Dr. Swan’s final project.

Another reason ImpEx Beverages kept an eye on The M&H Distillery is that their quality of spirit preceded them. The word throughout the whisky industry was that something very special was being produced in Tel Aviv. Something special indeed, inspired by the innovative and vibrant culture there.

“To be honest, I’ve had an eye on The M&H Distillery since I heard they broke ground way back in 2014.” says Sam Filmus, President and Managing Director of ImpEx Beverages. “Like Kavalan and Amrut,” Filmus continued, “The M&H Distillery is located in an extremely hot climate so their maturation will not only be swift but unique. The way the flavors are extracted from the wood will simply be different than what you’d expect from, say, a Single Malt Scotch Whisky producer.”

“We are honored and excited to start our US journey with ImpEx Beverages, Inc. as our strategic partner and be a part of its excellent craft portfolio” says M&H CEO Eitan Attir.  “We look forward to meet the American consumers and introduce them to our quality spirits. “

 “To many, Kosher practices and products (and the certification thereof) are a testament to a specific quality standard but to some, it’s also religious practice.” Says Joshua Hatton, Regional Sales Executive, ImpEx Beverages, “but what I enjoy about M&H and their whiskies is that the focus is first on making great spirits and secondly on the Kosher aspect. They are, first and foremost, a spirits producer, and one that ensures everything they produce meet Kosher standards.”

While The M&H Distillery makes a range of spirits from whisky to gin to liqueurs, ImpEx Beverages will be importing two whisky SKUs, exclusively crafted for the US. These exclusive Small Batches are a preview to their commercial release that will be in the US in mid-2020 with M&H Classic Single Malt Whisky.

Whisky in Bloom Double Cask is bottled at 46% ABV and was matured in a combination of ex-bourbon and STR casks.

Visit M&H Distillery Site for more info.

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