Despite the difficulties and challenges that this year brought us, I see ImpEx getting as strong as it has ever been when it comes to the team/family.

I could never dream to have worked with so many dedicated people who love their jobs and that is the most rewarding for me.

Our portfolio has grown and will continue to grow offering so many unique and desirable expressions.

We now carry Scotch from the four major whisky producing regions of Scotland with World Whisky complimenting the Scotch at the highest level.

The stories and the people behind all of the brands we represent are second to none.

Of course, having so many Brands that were consulted by the Legendary Dr. Jim Swan is an honor.

Despite the Worldwide freight disaster, we were still able to manage having a solid number of SKUs and inventory available for our distributors and their clients.  Sometimes we had to Airfreight product to ensure it was in stock and we were blessed to have the support of our suppliers who helped to share the weight of the added expenses.

The number of Single Casks and Limited Releases was the highest it has ever been in 2021 and we feel very fortunate that the majority of our suppliers were able to offer us Single Casks which is a rarity of its own.  These partnerships allowed us to satisfy the thirsts of Whisky Gurus and showcase just how far the brands we represent can go in terms of quality and taste.

We were able to diversify our portfolio by adding Gins, Rums, Mezcals, and Cordials.  Having historically been a company that was whisky centric, it is amazing to be able to offer even more delicious options to our friends and supporters.

We are overjoyed and impressed at the number of accolades and awards our brands won this year.  The best medals we could ever achieve is the delight on the face of the consumer who pours our brands in their glass.

We have some great plans and exciting new expressions coming in 2022 and we can’t wait to share these with you all.

Wishing you, your families, your loved ones, a very safe, happy, prosperous, and joyful 2022!

~Sam Filmus, President

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