Please welcome Mezcal Mal De Amor as it makes its debut Nationwide on store shelves near you!

There are many reasons for why hearts break… in fact personal heartbreak was the inspiration for Mezcal Mal De Amor. One thing is for sure, this magical mezcal can help to mend a broken heart no matter what the reason.

The Maestro Mezcalero for Mal de Amor is Armando Hernandez. Armando is a 3rd generation Maestro Mezcalero. He grew up making mezcal with his father, learning the techniques handed down from his grandfather. Armando and his family are native Oaxacan people known as Zapotec.

The people date back to pre Spanish colonization. The Zapotec civilization we know started around 600 BC and lasted up until the Spanish colonization of Mexico with a variation of Zapotec language still be spoken today in the region as part of the more broad linguistics category (Oto-Manguean).

Mal de Amor is located in “Santiago Matatlán, Oaxaca, Mexico” and is completely family owned. It is not just a distillery; on the grounds the Hernandez family runs an authentic Oaxacan style restaurant on the main road departing Oaxaca Centro.

The agave used for production at Mal de Amor comes from a variety of different lands in Oaxaca which allows for a rich diversity in expressions to include different terroir. Portions of the family owned land is used to maintain the sustainability of agave for future generations.

The agave is crushed by a horse-pulled tahona after being slow roasted underground for 4-5 days

The fermentation is done with wild yeast in open air (completely natural fermentation) which takes between 5-10 days

The stills are around 250 liters and are heated by direct fire. Everything is double distilled (copper pot distillation) then rested in glass anywhere from 6 months to 4 years. This allows for the flavors to really come out after some settling.

Mal de Amor is a sustainable responsible brand and pleased to share their passion and family legacy with the US.

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